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New Joint – DJ Supreme / House Of Hippies

DJ Supreme ft. House Of Hippies – “War On Drugs” (@UKDJSupreme / 2018)

Fast-paced, hardcore edutainment from the UK legend’s “Supreme Legacy 2.0” release.

New Joint – DJ Supreme / Rì Rà / Shaka Shazzam etc.

DJ Supreme ft. Rì Rà, Shaka Shazzam, The Icepick & DJ Assassin – “Breathe” (DJSupreme.Com / 2018)

Relentless hardcore vibes produced by UK legend and former Hijack member DJ Supreme.

New Joint – DJ Supreme / Ice-T / The Icepick

DJ Supreme ft. Ice-T & The Icepick – “Arctic II” (DJSupreme.Com / 2017)

Cinematic visuals for Hijack legend Supreme’s latest dose of raw-to-the-core beats and rhymes.

New Joint – DJ Supreme / Ice-T / The Icepick

supreme cover

DJ Supreme ft. Ice-T & The Icepick – “Arctic II” (DJSupreme.Com / 2017)

Almost thirty years after signing legendary UK crew Hijack to his Rhyme Syndicate label, the O.G. Ice-T reunites with one of the group’s founders, DJ Supreme, for this blistering blast of hardcore mayhem which also features South London mic icon The Icepick.

New Joint – DJ Supreme / The Icepick

DJ Supreme ft. The Icepick – “Arctic” (@UKDJSupreme / 2017)

UK Hip-Hop legend DJ Supreme of Hijack fame enlists the raw rhyming talents of HQ Squad veteran The Icepick for this slice of homegrown hardcore action.

New Joint – Hijack

Hijack – “Gold Standard” (@KamanchiSly / 2016)

The UK legends drop a brief promo for their new line of Hijack merchandise.

New Joint – DJ Supreme / Durrty Goodz / MysDiggi etc.

DJ Supreme ft. Durrty Goodz, MysDiggi, Curoc, Ramson Badbonez, Stylewarz and DJ Devastate – “R.I.P. – Remix” (@UKDJSupreme / 2016)

Phenomenal remix pressure from Britcore legend DJ Supreme featuring an impressive line-up of UK mic wreckers.

New Joint – DJ Supreme / Son Of Noise

DJ Supreme ft. Son Of Noise – “R.I.P.” (@UKDJSupreme / 2016)

Pritt Kalsi-directed visuals for this Britcore banger from Hijack legend DJ Supreme and Son Of Noise’s Curoc, featuring cuts from DJ Mada and DJ Renegade.

Past, Present And Revelation – The Icepick

UK veteran and member of the Hijack-affiliated HQ Squad The Icepick recalls his introduction to Hip-Hop, working on the 1989 B.R.O.T.H.E.R. project and collaborating with DJ Supreme in this two-part Pritt Kalsi-filmed interview.

Part One

Part Two