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Cornerstone Selections 002 Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

sheep cover

Australia’s brilliant DJ Sheep makes a welcome return to the mix game with this collection of funky jewels found during a number of diggin’ missions across the globe.

Summer Spliffz: Volume 2 Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 8

Australia’s DJ Sheep blesses us with the second installment of his “Summer Spliffz” trilogy, another brilliant blend of classic and obscure samples recorded in one take on two turntables at the Bulletproof Crates lab.

Summer Spliffz: Volume 1 Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 7

Digger extraordinaire DJ Sheep fires up his turntables once again to drop a fresh new mix of solid gold breaks and samples for our listening pleasure – this dude never ceases to amaze with his seemingly bottomless crates of vinyl treasure.

Skratch Practice – DJ Sheep

Australia’s DJ Sheep demonstrates his impressive turntable skills during a recent practice session in Taiwan.

Spring Breakz: Episode III Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 6

More turntable mastery from Australia’s DJ Sheep including a handful of inspired blends featuring Wu-Tang, Biggie and Mic Geronimo, plus the usual quality selection of breaks and beats.

Trickin’ & Beatin’ On $alamander $treet Mix Stream – DJ Sheep & Snoop God

dj sheep cover 6

Australia’s DJ Sheep teams-up with the big homie Snoop God to deliver this seasonal Halloween-themed mix featuring disturbing, violent and gory tracks from the likes of Bushwick Bill, Ganksta N-I-P and Kool G. Rap.

Do the right thing, burn off a handful of copies on CD-R, and give them out to the kids who appear at your front door this year shouting “Trick or treat?!”


$alamander $treet Ma$$acre Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 5

Australia’s DJ Sheep revisits the heyday of ign’ant late-80s / early-90s gangsta rap with this mix of foul-mouthed flavour and pimpish talk from N.W.A., Suga Free, Too Much Trouble and more.

Electro Acupuncture Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 4

Australia’s DJ Sheep has made his debut 1998 mixtape available for download featuring a blistering selection of old-school electro-flavoured tracks from the likes of Egyptian Lover, Unknown DJ and Shannon – plus, any mix that features Break Machine’s 1983 classic “Street Dance” definitely gets props over here.


Spring Breakz – Episode II Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 1

Australia’s DJ Sheep continues to build on his impressive work ethic by dropping yet another quality selection of unpredictable beats, breaks and rarities, all sliced, spliced and diced on the ones and twos for your listening pleasure – hit the link below and respect the technique.

Spring Breakz #1 Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover

Australia’s DJ Sheep delivers another masterpiece of mixology with the first in his “Spring Breakz” series featuring an eclectic selection of breaks and beats from a variety of random sources – absolute dopeness!

Winter Bluntz: Blunt Three Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 3

More mixtape madness from Australia’s DJ Sheep featuring a selection of breaks and beats so ill you might need to make a doctor’s appointment after you’ve exposed your ears to this 90-minute extravaganza.

Winter Bluntz : Blunt Two Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 1

Describing his latest mix as “an erratic journey into the mind of a beat obsessed, scratchaholic OCD record junkie with a super short attention span”, Australia’s DJ Sheep once again digs through his vast vinyl collection for the second in his “Winter Bluntz” breaks series.

Winter Bluntz Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover

After sorting through his crates preparing to sell some of his vinyl, Australia’s DJ Sheep couldn’t fight the feeling and jumped on his turntables for an impromptu mix session which resulted in this dope collection of beats, breaks and blends.

New Joint – DJ Sheep & Matty Fresh / Roc Marciano

DJ Sheep & Matty Fresh ft. Roc Marciano – “Just Let Me Be” (BulletProofCrates.Com / 2012)

Soulful lo-fi sonic drama from the Australian production duo’s album “Antidepressants” and also available as a limited edition seven-inch vinyl release.

New Joint – Capitol 1212 / Mike G / Dizzy Dustin / MCM / Cadence

Capitol 1212 ft. Mike G, Dizzy Dustin, MCM, Cadence & DJ Sheep – “Good Feelin'” (1212 Records / 2010)

All-star posse cut produced by Scotland’s Capitol 1212.