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New Joint – Cappo & Cyrus Malachi

Cappo & Cyrus Malachi – “Aqua Lungi” (VillageLiveRecords.Com / 2019)

Lyrical mastery from the UK duo’s brilliant collabo album “Postmodernism”.

New Joint – Cyrus Malachi

cyrus malachi cover

Cyrus Malachi – “Black Canvas” (@CyrusMalachi / 2018)

The London-based Triple Darkness emcee delivers his trademark brand of impressive heavy mental wordplay on this Saiid-produced head-nodder from his new “Basquiat” EP.

New Joint – Ruste Juxx / Malikah / Cyrus Malachi

Ruste Juxx ft. Malikah & Cyrus Malachi – “I Who Have Nothing” (@RusteJuxx357 / 2017)

Global Ough Beats-produced flavour from the Rotten Apple rhymer’s “International Juxx” project.

New Joint – Cyrus Malachi

Cyrus Malachi – “Neon” (@CyrusMalachi / 2016)

Heavy mental lyricism from the Triple Darkness member’s recent Architech-produced solo album “Dystopian Dialect”.

New Joint – Cyrus Malachi / Roena Laurice

Cyrus Malachi ft. Roena Laurice – “Fireflys” (@CyrusMalachi / 2015)

The Triple Darkness member drops a new jewel in the form of this soulfully haunting Astute Wonder-produced track.

Album Review – Cold Fusion (Ray Vendetta / Cyrus Malachi)

cold fusion cover

Cold Fusion

“The Elixir”


Anyone with even the slightest interest in UK Hip-Hop will no doubt agree that London’s Triple Darkness are one of the most talented collectives to have emerged from the British scene in recent years. Having expanded their ranks since the release of the group’s brilliant 2008 album “Anathema”, the TD crew boasts an incredible line-up of verbal talent, with the likes of Cyrus Malachi, Melanin 9 and Iron Braydz having all left an indelible mark on the rap landscape with their consistently impressive displays of intense and intricate lyricism.

This latest project to emerge from the crew’s sonic lab, “The Elixir”, finds the aforementioned Malachi joining forces with Darkness comrade Ray Vendetta, meshing their heavy mental wordplay with the gritty, atmospheric boom-bap of HellzEcho production partnership Ringz Ov Saturn and 7th Dan.

Initially starting its musical life as tracks recorded during impromptu studio sessions, “The Elixir” has evolved into a thoroughly cohesive and focussed body of work, effectively showcasing the formidable skills of all involved whilst living up to the album’s promise of being “a modern-day jewel crafted with the spirit of the golden-era.”

As with any Triple Darkness-related project, “The Elixir” contains a potent, brain-bursting mix of street knowledge, social commentary and esoteric history references. Cyrus and Ray draw on both the pyramids of ancient Egypt and the cold, imposing tower blocks of their London stomping grounds for creative inspiration, resulting in verses which are grounded in the realities of inner-city struggle whilst  attempting to open the listener’s third-eye to the unseen forces that shape our shared existence in life’s Matrix.

The defiant “Generators” opens the album, with Malachi and Vendetta spitting hard-hitting rhymes over the melodic menace of Saturn’s beats “like a right from Tyson”, rallying against a music industry that’s “soulless like atheism” as they attempt to protect the “sacred wisdom” of Hip-Hop.

The drama-fuelled “Burgandy” mixes violent imagery with poetic elegance, as the two emcees effortlessly weave together a captivating story of revenge, wasted potential and tragic loss, avoiding the glorification of the social conditions they’re highlighting by effectively communicating the oppressive, claustrophobic mind-state those in such situations find themselves trapped in.

“Pound For Pound” features Ray Vendetta on blistering form, unleashing a relentless barrage of “solid titanium darts” during a competition-crushing verse, before Cyrus delivers his own multi-layered lyrical tour de force which references everything from religious rhetoric to music biz politics.

The ominous “Portahouse” is a grimy cinematic street tale of epic proportions, whilst the sweeping strings of “Stained” accompany detailed rhymes underlining the vicious cycle of gang-related activity and its long-lasting impact on both families and communities.

With Malachi’s gruff, authoritative delivery and Ray’s more subtle rhyme style complimenting each other throughout, “The Elixir” is an album that demands your full attention in order to be fully appreciated. There are no lazy moments or throwaway verses to be found here, with the pair’s dedication to their craft made abundantly clear as each carefully sculpted line unravels into the next.

In a time when many feel the art of lyricism is becoming increasingly less valued as a result of mainstream rap trends and the quest for popular hits, artists such as Cyrus Malachi and Ray Vendetta are here to prove there will always be those whose motivation for picking up a microphone runs much deeper than simply chasing overnight success, fame and fortune.

Ryan Proctor

The Elixir Album Stream – Cold Fusion

cold fusion cover

Triple Darkness members Ray Vendetta and Cyrus Malachi demonstrate why the crew are considered one of the rap game’s most talented collectives, with this Ringz Ov Saturn / 7th Dan-produced album featuring the pair dropping heavy mental rhymes over thunderous beats