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Southernunderground – Cunninlynguists

Footage of subterranean favourites Cunninlynguists performing at MTV’s Hip-Hop Open 2008 in Germany.

Been Around The World – CunninLynguists

Southern underground heavyweights CunninLynguists talk about their current album “Dirty Acres” during a visit to Germany earlier this year.


Subliminal Advertising? – CunninLynguists / Nas

The CunninLynguists crew add some humour to the controversy surrounding the title of the next Nas album to remind rap fans that their own “Dirty Acres” project is in stores now.

New Joint – Cunninlynguists

Cunninlynguists – “K.K.K.Y.” (Bad Taste / 2007)

New video clip lifted from the Kentucky trio’s “Dirty Acres” album.