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Shaolin Footwork Mastery – Crazy Legs / Focus

Footage of Rock Steady Crew legend Crazy Legs and Focus of Finland’s Flow Mo Crew showing their skills during a recent visit to China’s Shaolin Temple.

What Inspires… – Crazy Legs

Rock Steady Crew legend Crazy Legs discusses inspirations both old and new with TheBeeShine.Com.

Set It Straight – Afrika Bambaataa / Crazy Legs

Following his recent Facebook post debating the accuracy of this week’s 40th Hip-Hop anniversary events marking the date of Kool Herc’s first party in the Bronx, Rock Steady Crew legend Crazy Legs joins forces with Afrika Bambaataa to share their opinions on the matter.

Still Rockin’ – Crazy Legs

Video Music Box’s Ralph McDaniels speaks to b-boy legend Crazy Legs about the Rock Steady Crew’s upcoming anniversary at Tony Touch’s recent album launch.

You Must Learn – Crazy Legs

Rock Steady Crew’s Crazy Legs gives Hip-Hop heads everywhere something to think about during his recent appearance at the Metropolitan State University Of Denver.

Part One

Part Two

The Final Battle – Crazy Legs / Rock Steady Crew

CNN video report on legendary b-boy and Rock Steady Crew president Crazy Legs’ recent retirement from battling and his future plans – respect the pioneers!

2, 3 Break – Crazy Legs / Popmaster Fabel / Rock Steady Crew

Brilliant footage of the Rock Steady Crew performing at last weekend’s Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark, NJ featuring the new generation of the legendary collective showcasing their moves alongside true-school icons Crazy Legs and Popmaster Fabel.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Breaker’s Revenge – Rock Steady Crew

Rock Steady Crew 34th anniversary showcase in Newark, New Jersey featuring Feenx, YNot, Bonita, the legendary Crazy Legs and more.

Pass The Mic – Eternia / Maestro Fresh Wes / Tona

Canada’s Eternia performing “Day In The Life” from her “At Last” album with assistance from Toronto OG Maestro Fresh Wes, Tona and Rock Steady Crew’s Crazy Legs.

Used To Wish I Could Break With… – Rock Steady Crew

Short trailer for the “Bouncing Cats” documentary narrated by Common and Mos Def and featuring the legendary Rock Steady Crew.