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Nebula EP Stream – Chinch 33

nebula cover

German turntablist / producer Chinch 33 displays his talent for choosing, chopping and piecing together samples on this superbly-executed sonic joyride.

Yuma Album Stream – Chinch 33


German turntablist Chinch 33 has pulled together a large group of Hip-Hop talent for his “Yuma” release, with skilled microphone fiends such as Hus Kingpin, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Venomous2000 blessing speaker-thumping beats from the likes of SciFi Stu, Wun Two, Dave Sparkz and more.

New Joint – Wildelux

wildelux cover

Wildelux – “T’Challa Champ” (@Wildelux / 2014)

The Bronx-raised emcee spits sharp lyrical darts over an ominous Lafayette Ave-produced track with cuts from Chinch 33.

New Joint – Nutso / Shabaam Sahdeeq / Hus Kingpin

murderous cover

Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Hus Kingpin – “Murderous” (@DigiCrates / 2014)

Rotten Apple rap drama produced by the UK’s SciFi Stu with cuts by Chinch 33.

New Joint – SciFi Stu / yU / Boog Brown / Hus Kingpin / Chinch 33

scifistu cover

SciFi Stu ft. yU, Boog Brown, Hus Kingpin & Chinch 33 – “Thru Life” (@HiPNOTT / 2014)

The talented Scottish producer is sure to have one of 2014’s most impressive albums on his hands if this melodic speaker-knocking title track is anything to go by.

New Joint – Crown / Rasco / Chinch 33

Crown ft. Rasco & Chinch 33 – “Pieces To The Puzzle” (Just Listen Records / 2014)

Title track from the French producer and Grim Reaperz member’s new album featuring Masta Ace, PMD, Caxton Press and more.

New Joint – SciFi Stu / Sleep Sinatra / SmooVth / Chinch 33

sci fu stu cover

SciFi Stu ft. Sleep Sinatra, SmooVth & Chinch 33 – “Love And War” (@SciFiStu / 2013)

The UK producer delivers a satisfying slice of soulful boom-bap on this new single.

New Joint – Wildelux

Wildelux ft. Chinch 33 – “The C-Syndrome” (Wildelux.BandCamp.Com / 2013)

Taken from the Bronx emcee’s recent album “Grand Champion”.

New Joint – D. Strong / Apani B Fly / John Robinson

the knock cover

D. Strong ft. Apani B Fly & John Robinson – “The Knock” (TheRealDStrong.BandCamp.Com / 2013)

Produced by SciFi Stu and featuring cuts from Chinch 33.

New Joint – Ryks / SmooVth / Wildelux / D Strong / Chinch 33

Ryks ft. SmooVth, Wildelux, D Strong & Chinch 33 – “Real Shyt” (RyksMuzic.BigCartel.Com / 2013)

Taken from the forthcoming album “Dah Projekt” which also features J. Force, Branesparker, Dro Pesci and more.

New Joint – SciFi Stu / Junclassic / King RA

sci fi stu cover 1

SciFi Stu ft. Junclassic & King RA – “Crackz” (@SciFiStu / 2013)

New flavour from the Scottish producer featuring Chinch 33 on the cuts.

New Joint – Venomous2000 / Slim Pickens / Chinch 33

venomous pic

Venomous2000 ft. Slim Pickens & Chinch 33 – “Go Nuts!” (Venomous2000.BandCamp.Com / 2013)

Produced by Rasmus and taken from the forthcoming album “A Moment To Reflect III”.

New Joint – C.A.S.H. / Tragedy Khadafi / Chinch 33

d strong cover

C.A.S.H. ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Chinch 33 – “Special Forces” (CashCertifiedAssassinsOfHardcore.BandCamp.Com / 2012)

Lafayette Ave-produced track from the forthcoming D-Strong / Wildelux collabo EP dropping early 2013.

New Joint – SciFi Stu / John Robinson / Venomous 2000 / Tone Liv / Chinch 33

SciFi Stu ft. John Robinson, Venomous 2000, Tone Liv & Chinch 33 – “What You Wanna Know?” (SciFiStu.BandCamp.Com / 2012)

Quality heavyweight posse cut produced by the UK’s SciFi Stu.

New Joint – Nutso / Shabaam Sahdeeq / Royal Flush

Nutso ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Royal Flush – “Blowing Up” (Poor Pocket Muzik / 2012)

Mac-produced track from the Queens, NY emcee’s forthcoming EP “Behind These Bars” with Chinch 33 on the cuts.

New Joint – D Strong / Orign / Chinch 33

D Strong ft. Orign & Chinch 33 – “Out To Tax” (Digi Crates Records / 2012)

Kyo Itachi-produced track from the album “Rise And Shoot”.

New Joint – SciFi Stu / Ill Poetix / Chinch 33

SciFi Stu ft. Ill Poetix & Chinch 33 – “Can’t Leave” (Digi Crates Records / 2012)

Taken from the Scottish producer’s new album “Blood”.

Album Review – SciFi Stu

SciFi Stu


(Digi Crates Records)

Having busied himself in recent years deep within the depths of the global underground Hip-Hop scene, Scottish producer SciFi Stu’s second project for NY-based imprint Digi Crates is sure to be the release that ensures anyone who has a passion for dusty-fingered beats and melodic, atmospheric samples will be familiar with the talented Edinburgh-based music man by the end of 2012.

A brilliantly crafted album, “Blood” is the sound of an individual who clearly cares about his art and appears to be meticulous about the creative process. There are no throwaway beats or bland tracks to be found here, with the production on offer being warm, organic, cleverly layered and full of soul, mixing hardcore boom-bap sensibilities with subtle sonic touches. Luckily, the varied posse of featured emcees who provide the album’s lyrical clout are up to the challenge of matching Stu’s quality musicianship with quality verses.

The mellow thump of “Can’t Leave” opens the project, with Jersey’s Ill Poetix providing heartfelt lyrics concerning the current state of the game over soaring female vocal samples. The neck-snapping “Soldiers” finds North Carolina’s Veteran Assassins joining forces with East Coast emcee Mega Trife, with the trio stomping all over SciFi’s rugged beat with memorable one-liners (“I’ve been nice since Nas chipped off the tooth”) accompanied by Chinch 33’s deft turntable talents.

The breezy “Boom Bap” pairs Moldova’s Fresh Sly with NY’s Smoovth for a good-natured lyrical workout, with the duo dropping punchlines referencing 80s icons such as funk favourite Morris Day and Brooklyn’s Audio Two over a breakbeat-driven track splashed with sparkling keyboard flourishes. “Built To Last” is a triumphant-sounding blast of feel-good beats and rhymes featuring L.I.F.E. Long, Nena Blu and Elohem Star, whilst the sublime “One Dimensional” finds MindsOne and Lone Catalysts member J. Sands celebrating artistic diversity in Hip-Hop over solid drums and jazzy, spine-tingling piano samples.

With further input from the likes of Has-Lo, Aarophat, Wildelux and Internal Quest, “Blood” features a long list of talented individuals all vying for the listener’s attention. But the overall star of this show is definitely SciFi Stu and his masterful true-school soundscapes.

With further projects in the pipeline, the release of this album will hopefully see the Scottish producer begin to gain the wider recognition he so rightfully deserves.

Ryan Proctor

SciFi Stu ft. Supreme Sol, Venomous 2000, Fresh Sly & Chinch 33 – “Written In Blood” (Digi Crates Records / 2012)

New Joint – D. Strong / Orign / Chinch 33

D. Strong ft. Orign & Chinch 33 – “Out To Tax” (Digi Crates Records / 2012)

Produced by France’s Kyo Itachi and taken from the LA emcee’s album “Rise And Shoot” with cuts by Chinch 33.

New Joint – Rozewood / Chinch 33

Rozewood ft. Chinch 33 – “Pandorum” (Digi Crates Records / 2011)

Produced by Twelvebit and taken from the album “Neon Paradise”.