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New Joint – Eto x Futurewave

Eto x Futurewave – “Vintage” (FXCKRXP.BandCamp.Com / 2023)

Taken from the NY / Toronto duo’s new collaboration album “Dead Poets”.

New Joint – Es x Das Da Beat Junkie / DJ GlibStylez

Es x Das Da Beat Junkie ft DJ GlibStylez – “DOERS” (EsMuzik.BandCamp.Com / 2023)

Canada’s Es proves actions speak louder than words and why sometimes silence really is golden on this lead single off his forthcoming album “Driver Or Driven” which is produced entirely by Toronto’s Das Da Beat Junkie.

New Joint – King Bliss

King Bliss – “Top Shotta” (KingBlissEnt.BandCamp.Com / 2023)

Bes Kept-produced head-nodder with a Dancehall twist from the Canadian emcee.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Sadhugold

Raz Fresco & Sadhugold – “Watching Via Satellites” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Canada’s Raz Fresco transmits live and direct on this lead track from his forthcoming Sadhugold-produced album.

New Joint – iLLAH

iLLAH – “Wisdom” (iLLAH.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Reflective, thought-provoking rhymes from Toronto’s iLLAH on this mellow track lifted from his recent SuNYA-produced album “Midnight Soup”.

Futuristic Vintage 3 Beat Tape Stream – Infinite P

Canada’s Infinite P serves up another heavy dose of quality instrumental flavour to soothe the soul.

New Joint – Es

Es – “Home” (EsMuzik.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Warm, personal vibes from Canada’s Es on this J.Pal-produced track off the recent album “You Want A Piece Of Me?”.

New Joint – UFO Fev x Finn

UFO Fev x Finn – “Wash The Bills” (@UFOFev / 2022)

Lead single off the forthcoming “Blood On The Bills” album from NYC’s UFO Fev and Canadian producer Finn.

New Joint – Richie & Asun Eastwood

Richie & Asun Eastwood – “No McDonald’s” (GoldEraMusic.Com / 2022)

Produced by Slang Hugh.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Mike Shabb

Raz Fresco & Mike Shabb – “Bad Decisions” (@RazFresco / @Floccon1 / 2022)

Raz Fresco delivers precise lyrical darts and Mike Shabb provides string-heavy loops on this impressive track from the Canadian duo’s forthcoming collabo album dropping via the BKRSCLB label.

New Joint – The 6th Letter / Daniel Son

The 6th Letter ft. Daniel Son – “Hands Clean” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Talented Canadian emcees The 6th Letter and Daniel Son trade verses over smooth beats from the Raz Fresco-produced album “Get Baked”.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Dead Hippie

Raz Fresco & Dead Hippie – “Based On A True Story” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Dead Hippie-directed animation accompanies this self-produced track from Canadian emcee Raz Fresco’s new album “Marvelous Right Wrist”.

New Joint – DIE-REK

DIE-REK – “Year Of Redemption” (Illect.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Canada’s DIE-REK offers lyrical food for thought over the soulful bump of the title track from his recent self-produced album.

New Joint – Wizdome Bunitall / Cedar Hill / Che Uno

Wizdome Bunitall ft. Cedar Hill & Che Uno – “Who We Are” (@BunItAll / 2022)

Produced by Lancecape.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Eric Right

Raz Fresco & Eric Right – “Story Of My Life” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Canada’s Raz Fresco keeps his third-eye open on this track lifted from his Eric Right-produced EP “Arm Leg Leg Arm Head”.

New Joint – Thrust OG & BoFaat / Tough Dumplin

Thrust OG & BoFaat ft. Tough Dumplin – “Read All About It” (BlackBuffaloRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from veteran Canadian emcee Thrust OG’s BoFaat-produced album “Broken Arrow”.

New Joint – Ghettosocks x DK / O.C. / Moka Only

Ghettosocks x DK ft. O.C. & Moka Only – “All In” (DKProducer.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from the Canadian duo’s new album “Listen To The Masters”, which also features CL Smooth, Skyzoo, Rome Streetz and more.

New Joint – iLLAH

iLLAH – “Extraterrestrial” (iLLAH.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from the Toronto emcee’s Sypooda-produced album “An Eye 4 An Ear”.

New Joint – Big Almighty

Big Almighty – “Graceful” (EliteSoundInternational.Com / 2022)

A short-but-effective dose of raw rap off the self-titled Big Almighty album from Baltimore’s Raf Almighty and Canada’s BigBob Pattison.

New Joint – Asun Eastwood & Wavy Da Ghawd / Lord Fury

Asun Eastwood & Wavy Da Ghawd ft. Lord Fury – “Dual Chip Phones” (@AsunEastwood / 2022)

Canada’s Asun Eastwood flexes his raw, dynamic delivery over hypnotic Wavy Da Ghawd production from the pair’s new album “The Complex”.