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Master The Craft Vol. 1 Album Stream – Sibbs Roc

sibbs cover

Toronto producer Sibbs Roc drops a sublime selection of mood music on his new instrumental project, ranging from the mellow haze of “Dreams” and the soothing nocturnal vibe of “Night Rain”, to the vintage soul of “Frost Bite” and the ominous, stripped-down “Warning”.

New Joint – DNTE / FalconOutlaw

DNTE ft. FalconOutlaw – “Washing Machine” (DNTECouture.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Street-related rhymes delivered over hypnotic Pastor Wesley production from the Toronto-based emcee’s “Crystal Pianos” project.


New Joint – Daniel Son & Futurewave

Daniel Son & Futurewave – “Old Soul” (@DISSBBM / @647WaveGod / 2019)

Dope lead single off the Canadian duo’s forthcoming full-length follow-up to their 2018 collabo album “Pressure Cooker”.

New Joint – Es

es do better cover

Es – “The Do Better Challenge” @HGmonsterEs / 2019)

Known for his intelligent brand of rap edutainment (as heard on projects such as 2014’s “Aspire To Inspire” and 2017’s “We Are Only Getting Older”), Toronto’s Es makes a welcome return with this honest and thoughtful look at the world of social media, produced by Rel McCoy and taken from the forthcoming album “Social Meteor Vol. 1: Inspired By My Timeline”.

New Joint – Tarik Robinson

Tarik Robinson – “Rio de Janeiro” (@TeekayDFE / 2019)

Upbeat, celebratory boom-bap from the Dragon Fli Empire member’s recent instrumental project “Unión Latinoamericana” released via Canada’s Makebelieve Records.

New Joint – Aquasocks

Aquasocks – “Trump Tight” (Aquasocks.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Taken from Canadian duo Aqua and Ghettosocks’ new collabo album “HOLOS”.

New Joint – Daniel Son

Daniel Son – “Off Top Freestyle” (@TopShelfPremium / @DISSBBM / 2019)

Canada’s Daniel Son passes through NYC’s Top Shelf Premium for the latest drop in the “Off Top” series.