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New Joint – UFO Fev x Finn

UFO Fev x Finn – “Wash The Bills” (@UFOFev / 2022)

Lead single off the forthcoming “Blood On The Bills” album from NYC’s UFO Fev and Canadian producer Finn.

New Joint – Richie & Asun Eastwood

Richie & Asun Eastwood – “No McDonald’s” (GoldEraMusic.Com / 2022)

Produced by Slang Hugh.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Mike Shabb

Raz Fresco & Mike Shabb – “Bad Decisions” (@RazFresco / @Floccon1 / 2022)

Raz Fresco delivers precise lyrical darts and Mike Shabb provides string-heavy loops on this impressive track from the Canadian duo’s forthcoming collabo album dropping via the BKRSCLB label.

New Joint – The 6th Letter / Daniel Son

The 6th Letter ft. Daniel Son – “Hands Clean” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Talented Canadian emcees The 6th Letter and Daniel Son trade verses over smooth beats from the Raz Fresco-produced album “Get Baked”.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Dead Hippie

Raz Fresco & Dead Hippie – “Based On A True Story” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Dead Hippie-directed animation accompanies this self-produced track from Canadian emcee Raz Fresco’s new album “Marvelous Right Wrist”.

New Joint – DIE-REK

DIE-REK – “Year Of Redemption” (Illect.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Canada’s DIE-REK offers lyrical food for thought over the soulful bump of the title track from his recent self-produced album.

New Joint – Wizdome Bunitall / Cedar Hill / Che Uno

Wizdome Bunitall ft. Cedar Hill & Che Uno – “Who We Are” (@BunItAll / 2022)

Produced by Lancecape.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Eric Right

Raz Fresco & Eric Right – “Story Of My Life” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Canada’s Raz Fresco keeps his third-eye open on this track lifted from his Eric Right-produced EP “Arm Leg Leg Arm Head”.

New Joint – Thrust OG & BoFaat / Tough Dumplin

Thrust OG & BoFaat ft. Tough Dumplin – “Read All About It” (BlackBuffaloRecords.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from veteran Canadian emcee Thrust OG’s BoFaat-produced album “Broken Arrow”.

New Joint – Ghettosocks x DK / O.C. / Moka Only

Ghettosocks x DK ft. O.C. & Moka Only – “All In” (DKProducer.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from the Canadian duo’s new album “Listen To The Masters”, which also features CL Smooth, Skyzoo, Rome Streetz and more.

New Joint – iLLAH

iLLAH – “Extraterrestrial” (iLLAH.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from the Toronto emcee’s Sypooda-produced album “An Eye 4 An Ear”.

New Joint – Big Almighty

Big Almighty – “Graceful” (EliteSoundInternational.Com / 2022)

A short-but-effective dose of raw rap off the self-titled Big Almighty album from Baltimore’s Raf Almighty and Canada’s BigBob Pattison.

New Joint – Asun Eastwood & Wavy Da Ghawd / Lord Fury

Asun Eastwood & Wavy Da Ghawd ft. Lord Fury – “Dual Chip Phones” (@AsunEastwood / 2022)

Canada’s Asun Eastwood flexes his raw, dynamic delivery over hypnotic Wavy Da Ghawd production from the pair’s new album “The Complex”.

New Joint – BriskInTheHouse

BriskInTheHouse – “Wonderful” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Produced by Raz Fresco and taken from the Canadian artist’s new album “Life And Times Of”.

New Joint – Ghettosocks & DK / CL Smooth / El Da Sensei

Ghettosocks & DK ft. CL Smooth & El Da Sensei – “The Masters” (@BlackBuffaloLPs / 2022)

Canadian emcee / producer duo Ghettosocks and DK call on the timeless talents of two genuine golden-era greats for this sublime single off their forthcoming collaborative album “Listen To The Masters”.

New Joint – Lord Juco & Finn

Lord Juco & Finn – “Gift Of Gab” (GoldEra.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from the Canadian emcee / producer duo’s impressive 2021 collabo album “Details”.

New Joint – Thrust OG x BoFaat / Dystrakted

Thrust OG x BoFaat ft. Dystrakted – “True Master” (BoFaatBeatz.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Taken from Canadian rap legend Thrust’s forthcoming BoFaat-produced album “Broken Arrow”.

New Joint – DIE-REK

DIE-REK – “Wheel Back Come Again” (Illect.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Canada’s always impressive DIE-REK returns to continue “shedding light in a dark place”, dropping his powerful brand of inspirational lyricism over pounding, self-produced beats on this quality cut from his forthcoming album “Year Of Redemption”.

New Joint – Raz Fresco & Dibia$e

Raz Fresco & Dibia$e – “Comic Con” (BKRSCLB.Com / 2022)

Relentless head-nod action from Canadian emcee Raz Fresco’s “Secret Wars” album with talented producer Dibia$e.

New Joint – Tarik Robinson

Tarik Robinson – “Rotations” (MakebelieveHipHop.BandCamp.Com / 2022)

Uplifting title track from the Dragon Fli Empire member’s impressive self-produced solo album released late last year on Canada’s Makebelieve label.