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New Joint – Crown Royale

Crown Royale ft. Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill) – “Say What” (ASideWorldwide.Com / 2011)

New video for this track taken from DJ Rhettmatic and Buff1’s self-titled 2010 album.


Weapon Of The Future Album Download – Astronote

Having worked with the likes of Talib Kweli, Tanya Morgan and Guilty Simpson, French producer  Astronote drops this free album for A-Side Worldwide featuring Dynas, Buff1 and Finale.

Classic Cadence Vol. 3 Mixtape Download – Nametag / Dub MD

Download this new mixtape from the Detroit emcee here – featuring production from Black Milk, Peace Of Mind and Teddy Roxpin plus appearances from Guilty Simpson and Buff1.


01.) The Hundreds (Produced By Nameless)
Break Even (Produced By Peace Of Mind)
Tunnel Vision (Produced By Black Bethoven)
Raw-Dirty-Filth (feat. Guilty Simpson) (Produced By Nameless)
Award Winner (feat. ONPoint & Gratiot Jones) (Produced By Flawless Tracks)
S.I.N. (feat. Quest MCODY & Buff 1) (Produced By Black Milk)
Hard Rock Cafe (feat. ONPoint) (Produced By Flawless Tracks)
08.) AutoPilot (Produced By Black Bethoven)
A Toast (feat. Gratiot Jones & TGL) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
10.) Back With Heat (feat. Praverb) (Produced By Teddy Roxpin)
11.) Raw-Dirty-Filth (Remix) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
12.) Blaaaow! (Produced By Nameless

New Joint – Buff1 / David Dallas

Buff1 & David Dallas – “Eyes On Success” (ASideWorldwide / 2011)

Head-nodding P-Money-produced collabo between Crown Royale’s Buff1 and New Zealand’s David Dallas (who recently partnered with Duck Down Records for his upcoming project “The Rose Tint”).

Take The Crown – Crown Royale

HardKnockTV interview with Buff1 and DJ Rhettmatic promoting the recent release of their collaborative album “Crown Royale”.

New Jack Kings Album Download – New Jack Kings

“Two unsung heroes from two of Michigan’s most influential crews (T. Calmese of of the Subterraneous Crew  and Vaughan T. of Athletic Mic League) combine forces to author a coming of age story inspired by the infamous era of high top fades, eye brow parts, and house parties. The album revolves around life, love, women and fashion as a salute to artists such as Teddy Riley, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, New Edition and Kid n Play who made songs that everyone could relate to.”

Download here.

Ghosting Mixtape Download – Buff1

Download Buff1’s latest project here.

“Ghosting is a project that gives listeners insight on the types of artists and music that inspires Buff1.  Giving himself one week to write original material, Buff1 created this free project to be released into the blogosphere.  Choosing songs that coincidentally had space for Buff1 to spit, none of the original songs have been edited.
Buff felt there were obvious similarities between the music on this project and one of his favorite Ghostface songs “Holla”; on which Ghost raps over the entire Delfonic’s song “La-La Means I Love You”.  Ghosting also happens to be a game where one person follows behind another, mimicking their movements as closely as possible, without being detected.
The Ghostface homage, combined with Buff1 trying his best to follow in the footsteps of the artists who inspired him to write this project, made the title obvious.  Lastly, don’t sleep on the exclusive bonus track “Better” produced by Slot-A.”