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Beat The Breaks Album Stream – DJ Titanium

dj titanium cover

Tunisia-based DJ-slash-producer Titanium delivers a relentless collection of original drum-heavy breakbeats for b-boys and b-girls everywhere.

Cypher Grooves Volume Two Mix Stream – Soulrane

soulrane pic

BBoy Factory representative Soulrane delivers just under an hour of funky beats and breaks with the intention of inspiring some serious footwork.

Ya Diggin’ Vol. 1 Mix Stream – DJ Mell Starr

mell starr pic

NYC’s Mell Starr gets busy on the ones and twos with a quality selection of dusty breaks for your listening pleasure.

Best Kept Secrets III Mix Stream – Ill Boogs / Shelley Mack

ill boogs cover

The Brighton deejays blow the dust off some funky b-boy breaks pulled from deep within their crates for the latest instalment of their “Best Kept Secrets” mix series.

Ultimate Block Party Breaks Vol. 1 & 2 Album Stream – Various Artists

block party cover

Previously released on vinyl and CD, NY beat-digger Paul Nice has combined both volumes of his “Ultimate Block Party Breaks” compilations into one funky digital download featuring old-school flavour from the likes of Fat Larry’s Band, L.T.D., Steve Arrington and many more.

Spring Breakz #1 Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover

Australia’s DJ Sheep delivers another masterpiece of mixology with the first in his “Spring Breakz” series featuring an eclectic selection of breaks and beats from a variety of random sources – absolute dopeness!

Winter Bluntz: Blunt Three Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 3

More mixtape madness from Australia’s DJ Sheep featuring a selection of breaks and beats so ill you might need to make a doctor’s appointment after you’ve exposed your ears to this 90-minute extravaganza.

Winter Bluntz : Blunt Two Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover 1

Describing his latest mix as “an erratic journey into the mind of a beat obsessed, scratchaholic OCD record junkie with a super short attention span”, Australia’s DJ Sheep once again digs through his vast vinyl collection for the second in his “Winter Bluntz” breaks series.

The Breaks Vol. 1 Mix Stream – DJ Superstar

dj superstar cover

Maryland’s DJ Superstar of Mystery Sound Recordings digs in the crates for this entertaining mix of dusty vinyl packed with funky, soulful rare grove flavours.

Winter Bluntz Mix Stream – DJ Sheep

dj sheep cover

After sorting through his crates preparing to sell some of his vinyl, Australia’s DJ Sheep couldn’t fight the feeling and jumped on his turntables for an impromptu mix session which resulted in this dope collection of beats, breaks and blends.

First Nature Sounds Mix Stream – Nucleus & Aidan Orange

fns cover

Man, oh man. To say this new mix from Metalheadz affiliate Nucleus and Aidan Orange of the mighty LeacyBrothers.Com is dope would be a severe understatement.

Packed full of funky breaks, classic grooves and timeless Zulu beats, “First Nature Sounds” could easily be a recording of the greatest old-school Bronx block-party that never actually happened.

Pure sonic sureshot gold!


The Big Payback Mixtape Stream – DJ Scratch

james brown cover 2

In conjunction with J.Period’s “The Legacy Of James Brown” mix released this week, the legendary DJ Scratch has put together this collection of funky 45s from the Godfather Of Soul which have been sampled by everyone from Big Daddy Kane and Nas to Das EFX and EPMD.

The Brakes Mixtape Download – Pings & Jaysul

the brakes cover

DJ / producer Pings of UK-based label KingUnderground and fellow vinyl-fiend Jaysul blow the dust off  a variety of breaks that have provided the sonic backbone for numerous Hip-Hop classics throughout this journey into their crates – download here.

The Breaks Of 87 Mix Stream – Chris Read

classic breaks cover

Originally released on cassette last year, “The Breaks Of 87” has now officially been made available in digital format and finds London-based music fanatic Chris Read paying homage to golden-era classics from the likes of Eric B. & Rakim, BDP and Public Enemy.

Cratefast Show Radio Stream – Tufkut

itch logo

Last week’s edition of Tufkut’s Cratefast Show on London’s Itch FM featuring breaks, beats and overall b-boy goodness – listen here.

Album Review – Mr Thing


Mr Thing

“Strange Breaks & Mr Thing III”

(BBE Records)

Release Date: May 19th 2014

In the beginning, there were the breaks. When the musical foundations of Hip-Hop were being laid down at 70s Bronx block parties, there were the breaks. When Herc, Flash and Bambaataa were soaking the labels off records in their bath tubs to prevent the competition from discovering their secret musical weapons, it was all about the breaks. That portion of often random and obscure records stacked with heavy drums and persistent percussion, offering that short moment of sonic bliss that was guaranteed to push the hardcore b-boys in a crowd to pull out their most impressive and energetic moves, raising the energy again and again as the break section from the likes of “Apache” and “It’s Just Begun” boomed through South Bronx speakers wired to lamp-posts.

Move forward into the 80s and 90s, and the breaks still reigned supreme in Hip-Hop, fuelling the creative urges of everyone from Marley Marl and an N.W.A-era Dr. Dre, on to Lord Finesse, DJ Premier, Madlib and many, many more. With countless producers and music lovers spending hours tucked away in dank record store basements, digging relentlessly through endless piles of disregarded wax in the hope of finding that one record that would make it all worthwhile.

Today, regardless of technological advances in music equipment and the shift in the sound of mainstream rap towards a colder, more electronic sound, for many, it’s still all about those breaks. Record stores. Charity shops. Car-boot sales. Anywhere that vinyl can be found, dusty-fingered diggers the world over still find themselves on a never-ending quest, looking for the perfect beat.

The art of digging is a serious business. For many, it’s more than just a passion, it’s an obsession. That moment of recognition as a familiar sample or unheard break crackles through the grooves after a long day spent trawling through crates of vinyl is the stuff that digger’s dreams are made of.

Whilst some beat junkies still operate under the secretive breaks code of our Hip-Hop forefathers, thankfully, for those of us who lack the storage space, there are those individuals happy to share at least some of their musical treasures for our listening enjoyment. Such as the UK’s Mr Thing.

Rising to prominence in the 90s as a formidable turntablist and member of the Scratch Perverts crew, Thing has gone on to bless a number of artists with both his deck-wrecking skills and production prowess, over the years working with the likes of Mark B, The Creators, Jehst and Essa (previously known as Yungun).

As Thing’s vinyl collection has continued to grow to match the size of his reputation for rocking shows, the UK crate-digger has found himself joining forces with longstanding London-based label BBE, releasing the first volume of “Strange Breaks & Mr Thing” in 2008, providing an outlet for the former DMC champion to showcase some of his rarer musical finds (and if you’ve been lucky enough to check any of Thing’s underground “Anorak” mixes or 2012’s “Nerd Is Bond” then you’ll already know exactly how deep this man digs).

With the third installment of the “Strange Breaks…” series, Thing has pulled together another quality selection of eclectic tracks that range from funky disco and schizophrenic jazz  to dramatic soundtrack vibes and psychedelic rock flavours.

Kick-starting proceedings with the slick, swaggering 1976 Disco Orchestral monster “Do It Again”, Thing unearths gem after gem, such as the gritty Civil Rights era soul of The Internationals’ “Give A Damn”, the organic, horn-driven 70s funk of “One More Time, You All” from New Jersey’s Nu-Sound Express, Ltd, and on to the relentless rhythm section of “La Da Da” from Edwin Starr’s backing band Dynamic Concept.

Elsewhere, Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers deliver the upbeat “It Sure Is Funky”,  a steel-drum cover of Ripple’s 1973 classic “I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky” (as sampled by Special Ed and Kid ‘N’ Play), whilst the infectious guitar licks and rolling drums of Smiling Hard’s “Fire To The Galleon” deliver combustive, fast-paced funk of the highest order.

Throughout, Thing literally lays in the cut, choosing to smoothly segue the music together and drop some subtle back-and-forth turntable action when the break portion of certain tracks begin, rather than feeling the need to stamp his mark all over the project with constant crab-scratches and frantic flares. Sometimes, all a talented deejay needs to do is simply let a good record play, and this is an element of his craft that Mr Thing appears to understand completely.

Whilst snippets of some tracks included here will be familiar to fans of Eric B. & Rakim, The Beatnuts and The Alchemist, there is still much to discover for even the sharpest of sample fanatics.

A true musical education, with this latest addition to his “Strange Breaks…” catalogue, Mr Thing has once again combined his knowledge, technical skill and ear for a quality tune to great effect.

If your own crates suddenly don’t seem that deep or impressive after listening to this hand-picked collection of choice cuts, well, those are the breaks.

Ryan Proctor

Follow Mr Thing On Twitter – @DJMrThing

Follow BBE Records On Twitter – @BBEMusic

Disco Orchestral – “Do It Again” (DJM Records / 1976)


Lunch Breaks Album Sampler – J-Zone

j-zone cover 1

Having spent the last couple of years learning how to play the drums, NYC-based producer-on-the-mic J-Zone has put all those hours of practice to good use by teaming-up with HipHopDrumSamples.Com to drop his first original breaks project – listen here.

Itch FM / Cratefast Show Radio Stream – Tufkut

itch logo

This week’s edition of Tufkut’s Cratefast Show on London’s Itch FM featuring a dope mixture of classic breaks and beats from the likes of Cymande, Gang Starr, Lyn Collins, Mantronix and more – listen here.

HBS Music Archaeology – Brad McNamara / Chris Gibbs

The HBS boys are back in the shed digging through some drum-heavy breaks for the latest episode of their popular online series.

B-Boy Mix Stream – DJ Junk

junk cover

Veteran UK Hip-Hop head and Second To None member DJ Junk delivers a blistering selection of funky drum-heavy b-boy bangers perfect for battling crews, block parties or headphone use – listen here.