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New Joint – Ty Farris

Ty Farris – “No Receipt, No Return” / “Ride Thru The Jungle” (@TyFarris1 / 2020)

Uncut Bozack Morris-produced street knowledge from the Detroit artist’s recent project “No Cosign Just Cocaine 3”.

New Joint – Elcamino & Bozack Morris / Flee Lord

Elcamino & Bozack Morris ft. Flee Lord – “Coke Brothers” (@ElcaminosWay / 2019)

Taken from the forthcoming album “Saint Muerte”.

New Joint – Bozack Morris & J Scienide

Bozack Morris & J Scienide – “Sunday Morning” (OfficialCrateMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

The Toronto producer and Washington DC lyricist once again prove they make a good combination with this second single from their forthcoming EP “Popular Mechanics” dropping early 2019.


New Joint – Bozack Morris & J Scienide

sunday cover

Bozack Morris & J Scienide – “Sunday Morning” (OfficialCrateMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Second single to be lifted from the Toronto / Washington DC duo’s forthcoming collabo EP “Popular Mechanics”.

New Joint – Bozack Morris / Black Milk

bozack cover

Bozack Morris ft. Black Milk – “The Darkness” (@Bozackula / 2018)

Toronto producer Bozack Morris laces Detroit’s Black Milk with some atmospheric beats for this ill collabo.


New Joint – J Scienide & Bozack Morris

J Scienide & Bozack Morris – “Capeesh” (BozackMorris.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Washington DC meets Toronto on this lead single off the forthcoming Scienide / Morris collabo EP “Popular Mechanics”.

New Joint – El Camino / Benny

El Camino ft. Benny – “No Smoke” (@Bozackula / 2018)

Canadian producer Bozack Morris blesses the two Griselda-affiliated emcees with a sinister, piano-laced soundscape.

New Joint – Bozack Morris / Daniel Son

bozack cover

Bozack Morris ft. Daniel Son – “Karate Practice” (OfficialCrateMusic.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Canada in the house, represent, represent!

New Joint – Lord Nez

lord nez pic

Lord Nez – “Hollis 2 Hollywood” (@LordNez / 2017)

The Queens, NY veteran speaks with a voice of experience on this engaging track produced by Canada’s Bozack Morris.

New Joint – Bozack Morris / Meyhem Lauren


Bozack Morris ft. Meyhem Lauren – “Reality Rap” (@Bozackula / 2017)

Canadian producer Bozack Morris enlists NY giant Meyhem Lauren for his latest limited-edition vinyl release.

New Joint – Bozack Morris / Conway / Westside Gunn

bozack cover

Bozack Morris ft. Conway & Westside Gunn – “Never Change” (@Bozackula / 2016)

The Canadian producer delivers a melodic-yet-sombre musical backdrop to accompany the street-related rhymes of Buffalo’s Conway and Gunn.


New Joint – Rozewood

rozewood pic

Rozewood – “From Ni**az 2 G.O.D.S (Gomer Oz Dabar)” (@Rozewood_ / 2016)

Produced by Canada’s Bozack Morris and taken from the #Winners member’s forthcoming “Channel 13” album.

New Joint – Bozack Morris / Conway

bozack cover

Bozack Morris ft. Conway – “Mak 90” (@Bozackula / 2016)

Buffalo, NY’s Conway spits hot lyrical lead over sinister production from Canada’s Bozack Morris.