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Push It Along – Phife Dawg

TheHipHopChronicle.Com footage of Phife performing at the London screening of Tribe’s “Beats, Rhyme & Life” documentary.

You On Point?… – Phife Dawg / Bootleg Kev

BootlegKev.Com interview with Tribe’s Phife discussing the recently released documentary “Beats, Rhymes & Life”, his health and the Quest legacy.

An Ode To A Tribe Called Quest Mixtape Download – Circa ’94 Beats

Coinciding with the recent release of Michael Rapaport’s Tribe documentary “Beats, Rhymes & Life”, the Circa ’94 Beats crew have put together this free project featuring instrumentals “inspired by and in honour of A Tribe Called Quest and their musical legacy” – download here.


1. You Got The Rhythm (Introduction)
2. The Boom Bip
3. Chicken Dinner
4. OMG (TheSingAlong)
5. Who Ever You Are !?
6. Walk Tall
7. I Hear Voices ? (Spanky vs. Tribe)
8. Classic
9. Margarine -or- I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter…
10. Vowels
11. 8Million and 1 Stories (Existing Ain’t Easy) featuring Sylrock
12. Whats the Matter with You Boy!?
13. (Cool DJ) Red Alert in El Segundo
14. On Point
15. Check the Uhh
16.The Peoples Low End Midnight Beats Movement Outro
17.A Remix Called Dance On The Ceiling (BONUS)

Showbusiness – Michael Rapaport / A Tribe Called Quest

Lenghty interview with Michael Rapaport at the Sundance 2011 film festival about his Tribe documentary “Beats, Rhyme & Life”.

Bonus Footage: Phife Dawg accompanies Rapaport in a Q&A session about the documentary.