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The Breakout (Escape Vol. 3) Mix Stream – SlimKat78

slim cover

SlimKat78 of The 1978ers drops a collection of floorwork classics for all the b-boys out there.

Make The Letters Dance (Episode 1) – Popmaster Fabel / YNOT

Rock Steady Crew legend Popmaster Fabel drops some science on the relationship between dance and graffiti in this short YNOT-directed documentary.

NG83: When We Were B Boys Trailer – NG83 Productions

New 2016 trailer for the documentary “NG83: When We Were B Boys” which captures the stories of various figures from the Nottingham, England Hip-Hop scene of the 1980s.

NG83: When We Were B-Boys Trailer #1 – Dancing Danny

Trailer for the forthcoming documentary “NG83: When We Were B-Boys” which tells the story of key figures within the 80s Hip-Hop scene of Nottingham, England, including Dancing Danny of The Roc-A-Trons.

Style Of The Street – Dolby D

Breakin’ Convention TV interview with UK b-boy legend Dolby D discussing his introduction to Hip-Hop, his involvement in the London All Stars crew and memories of 80s Covent Garden.

Shaolin Footwork Mastery – Crazy Legs / Focus

Footage of Rock Steady Crew legend Crazy Legs and Focus of Finland’s Flow Mo Crew showing their skills during a recent visit to China’s Shaolin Temple.

B-Boy Combat – Popmaster Fabel / ChryBaby Cozie

Battle footage from Ted Smooth’s Old School Jam event in NYC last weekend featuring Popmaster Fabel and ChryBaby Cozie.

Multi-Dimensions – Popmaster Fabel

Rock Steady Crew legend Popmaster Fabel demonstrates his trademark b-boy techniques during a recent visit to Serbia.

What Inspires… – Crazy Legs

Rock Steady Crew legend Crazy Legs discusses inspirations both old and new with TheBeeShine.Com.

Pass The Torch 1978 – Popmaster Fabel

Rock Steady Crew legend Popmaster Fabel drops another quality piece of short film-making featuring the b-boy talents of Josh Lozada aka Floor Phantom and Joey Lozada.

Still Rockin’ – Crazy Legs

Video Music Box’s Ralph McDaniels speaks to b-boy legend Crazy Legs about the Rock Steady Crew’s upcoming anniversary at Tony Touch’s recent album launch.

Rock On… – Popmaster Fabel

Short documentary-style clip used to honour b-boy legend Popmaster Fabel at Jonzi D’s recent Breakin’ Convention 2013 event at Harlem’s Apollo.

Experience & Education – Ken Swift

Strife.TV interview with Hip-Hop legend Ken Swift giving advice to upcoming b-boys and b-girls looking to hone their craft.

New Joint – Freqnik & WDRE

Freqnik & WDRE – “Favela B-Boy Funk” (Boro Recordings / 2012)

The NY production duo drop a dope blend of heavy drums and hard-hitting horns on this instrumental cut guaranteed to inspire some serious floorwork from all those keeping the b-boy tradition alive.

The Final Battle – Crazy Legs / Rock Steady Crew

CNN video report on legendary b-boy and Rock Steady Crew president Crazy Legs’ recent retirement from battling and his future plans – respect the pioneers!

2, 3 Break – Crazy Legs / Popmaster Fabel / Rock Steady Crew

Brilliant footage of the Rock Steady Crew performing at last weekend’s Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark, NJ featuring the new generation of the legendary collective showcasing their moves alongside true-school icons Crazy Legs and Popmaster Fabel.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The Underdogs – Ricks

First episode of BokChoiTV’s series “The Underdogs” which hopes to shine some light on the Bay Area’s b-boy community beginning with Ricks of Eastside Union.

Bite This! – Aby / Alien Ness

Aby (The Bronx Boys) and Alien Ness (Mighty Zulu Kingz) discuss the place of ‘biting’ in b-boy culture on Strife.TV.

Props to DailyDiggers.Com.

B-Boys Beware – Mr. Wiggles

OnTheGround interview with Rock Steady Crew’s legendary Mr. Wiggles at React 2011 in Spain talking about his b-boy origins.

Breaker’s Revenge – Rock Steady Crew

Rock Steady Crew 34th anniversary showcase in Newark, New Jersey featuring Feenx, YNot, Bonita, the legendary Crazy Legs and more.