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New Joint – Estee Nack & al.divino

Estee Nack & al.divino – “SpecialFX” (aldotdivino.BandCamp.Com / 2020)

Taken from the Massachusetts-based duo’s 2019 collabo album “The Door”.

New Joint – Estee Nack & al.divino

Estee Nack & al.divino – “Guatemalanguala” (@EsteeNack / @aldotdivino / 2020)

Taken from the Massachusetts duo’s 2019 collabo project “The Door”.

New Joint – al.divino

al.divino – “Bisquick Freestyle” (@aldotdivino / 2020)

The Massachusetts-based microphone fiend gets busy over raw, piano-laced DJ Mastamind beats.

New Joint – Big Ghost Ltd / Carpe Noctem

carpe cover

Big Ghost Ltd / Carpe Noctem – “Benghazi Emporium” (@BigGhostLtd / 2020)

More underground gold from the Carpe Noctem album dropping this week.


New Joint – Daniel Son & Futurewave / Al Divino

Daniel Son & Futurewave ft Al Divino – “Poppy Resin” (Yenaldooshi.BandCamp.Com / 2019)

Ominous, rumbling beats and rhymes from the Canadian duo’s new “Yenaldooshi” project, the heavily-anticipated follow-up to their impressive 2018 album “Pressure Cooker”.

New Joint – Al Divino

Al Divino – “King Midas” (@AlDotDivino / 2019)

The Massachusetts microphone fiend packs a heavy lyrical punch in this short-but-effective display of his rhyming talents.

New Joint – al.divino

al.divino – “Fishscale” (@aldotdivino / 2019)

Grimy, ominous DJ MastaMind-produced title track from the Massachusetts mic fiend’s recent EP.


New Joint – al.divino

al.divino – “TRISMEGISTUS” (@aldotdivino / 2018)

Self-produced cut from the talented East Coast emcee.

New Joint – Al.Divino

Al.Divino – “Swammy Kubrick” (@AlDotDivino / 2018)

Typically raw rhymes from the Massachusetts-based microphone fiend.

New Joint – Spectacular Diagnostics / Al.Divino / Estee Nack

spec cover

Spectacular Diagnostics ft. Al.Divino & Estee Nack – “En Garde” (@SpecDiagnostics / 2018)

Dope lead single from the Chicago producer’s forthcoming album “Raw Studies”.

New Joint – al.divino

al.divino – “D’AATH” (@aldotdivino / 2018)

Taken from the album “Monumentality”.

New Joint – al.divino & Estee Nack

al.divino & Estee Nack – “Jump Out The Helicopter On Skis” (@aldotdivino / @EsteeNack / 2018)

HaaN_11-produced cut off the East Coast duo’s recent collabo project “Destiny”.

New Joint – al.divino

al.divino – “Asesino” (@aldotdivino / 2018)

Produced by Dutchmastered.

New Joint – al.divino

al.divino – “MoroccanMausoleum” (@aldotdivino / 2018)

Taken from the Massachusetts-based microphone fiend’s “Monumentality” release.


New Joint – Estee Nack & Sadhugold / al.divino

estee cover

Estee Nack & Sadhugold ft. al.divino – “SpookWhoSatByTheDoor” (EsteeNack.BandCamp.Com / 2018)

Lo-fi liveness from the Tragic Allies member’s Sadhugold-produced album “SurfinOnGold.Wav”.

New Joint – The Historian / Estee Nack / al.divino

historian pic

Estee Nack & al.divino – “Pecorino Romano” (@TheHistorianST / 2018)

LA-based producer The Historian laces the two East Coast emcees with a drama-fuelled track full of sweeping strings and hypnotic pianos.

New Joint – Estee Nack & al.divino

Estee Nack & al.divino – “BagginDopeBackInTheDay” (EsteeNack.BandCamp.Com / 2017)

Produced by Vinyl Villain – limited edition anniversary CD copies of “Triple Black Diamonds” are available here.

New Joint – Vinyl Villain / Estee Nack etc.


Vinyl Villain ft. Estee Nack, al.divino & SPNDA – “Capos” (@Vinyl_Villain / 2017)

The Boston-based producer enlists the talents of some true microphone masters for this laidback, horn-laced gem.

New Joint – Codenine / Paranom / al.divino / Estee Nack

newport cover

Codenine, Paranom, al.divino, Estee Nack – “Newport Box” (@RealCodeNine / 2017)

Mellow, atmospheric posse cut from the Tragic Allies camp produced by Mr. Rose.

New Joint – al.divino

al pic

al.divino – “TYSON” (@aldotdivino / 2017)

Lead single from the Massachusetts microphone fiend’s forthcoming album “#REDRUM”.