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New Joint – Meyhem Lauren / Action Bronson / Roc Marciano

Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson & Roc Marciano – “Peruvian Desserts” (@MeyhemLauren / 2012)

Tommy Mas-produced slick NY ish from the forthcoming project “Respect The Fly S**t”.


New Joint – Meyhem Lauren / Action Bronson / Heems

Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson & Heems – “Special Effects” (@MeyhemLauren / 2012)

Harry Fraud / Tommy Mas-produced lead single from the Queens, NY emcee’s forthcoming project “Respect The Fly S**t”.

Respect The Fly S**t Mixtape Trailer – Meyhem Lauren / Action Bronson / AG Da Coroner

Trailer for Meyhem Lauren’s upcoming “Respect The Fly S**t” mixtape which was recorded during an epic hotel room recording session at this year’s SXSW event and is produced by Tommy Mas and Harry Fraud.

New Joint – Large Professor / Cormega / Action Bronson / Roc Marciano / Saigon

Large Professor, Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon – “M.A.R.S.” (Fat Beats / 2012)

Some atmospheric visuals for the star-studded Extra P-produced NY posse cut from the former Main Source member’s forthcoming album “Professor @ Large”.

New Joint – The Purist / Action Bronson

The Purist ft. Action Bronson – “Northern & Roozy” (KingKongHoldingCo.BandCamp.Com / 2012)

Fly ish taken from the UK producer’s new “Double Feature EP” which also includes collabos with Roc Marciano and Ty Nitty – you can either cop the full-length digital release or get in quick to snatch up one of the limited-edition seven-inch vinyl singles.

New Joint – Meyhem Lauren / Action Bronson / Heems

Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson & Heems – “Special Effects” (@MeyhemLauren / 2012)

Harry Fraud-produced track from Lauren’s forthcoming project “Respect The Fly S**t”.

Q.U. Hectic – Action Bronson / Meyhem Lauren

Footage of Queens, NY representatives Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren on Shade45 with Sway.

New Joint – Domingo / Kool G Rap / Action Bronson / Necro etc.

Domingo ft. Marley Marl, Kool G Rap, Nutso, Rugged Intellect, F.T., Ras Kass, Action Bronson & Necro – “Men At Work 2020 – Remix” (Domingo Beats / 2012)

Immense reworking of the 80s G Rap classic produced by NY’s Domingo and featuring a huge array of lyrical firepower.

Live Review – Action Bronson

Venue: Barfly Camden, London Date: 25 March 2012

NY emcee Action Bronson’s rise through the rap underground has been as steady and organic as it has been well-deserved and, in hindsight, perhaps expected. Although the rapper arrived amidst Ghostface comparisons, it quickly became clear that Bronson was very much his own man, an individual who appeared to be a fully-formed artist in his own right bursting with personality. His 2011 project “Dr. Lecter” (produced by Manhattan’s Tommy Mas) has quickly become a cult classic and is largely the album responsible for ensuring this particular stop on Action’s European tour sold out almost immediately.

Making his way to the stage from the rear of the small venue like a champion wrestler, the electricity in the air generated from the amped crowd proved that the rapper may be small in stature, but he’s definitely big in terms of presence. With the audience literally approaching levels of hysteria, Bronson lumbered onstage to join Tommy Mas, arms aloft, smiling from ear to ear like someone who is fully aware that their time has arrived.

Proving himself to be a true man of  the people, instead of ignoring or rejecting the drunken audience member who’d found his way onstage prior to his arrival, the Outdoorsmen member simply allowed the boisterous fan to hug him and exchange pounds, laughing as he led the crowd in chants of “Bronson! Bronson!”, before playfully asking “Who the f**k are you?!”

Seconds later the Queens representative launched into the brilliant “Shiraz”, shouting “I’m comin’ in…” before making his way into the crowd and being immediately drowned in a sea of hands, all high-fiving, back-patting and head-rubbing. With Bronson at the back of the venue by the track’s end, the announcer’s voice on the intro of the neck-snapping “Barry Horowitz” led to a further explosion of enthusiasm from the audience, with Bronson virtually being mobbed by fans as he rapped his way back towards the stage, taking pictures, hugging girls and wiping sweat from his face, but remaining on-beat and clear with his delivery at all times.

With members of the audience defying venue regulations and lighting up that sticky-icky, Bronson was offered a fair share of herbal treats to partake in. “Is that tobacco in there?” he asked repeatedly, before finding someone who was offering something a little purer that suited his tastes. Having already admitted to being both tired and stoned, the further smoke inhalation did nothing to hinder the rapper’s ability to perform, as he continued to hit every word in every line of his verses. Both the anthemic “Brunch” and Statik Selektah-produced “Respect The Mustache” were delivered with gusto.

Reaching the end of his set but aware the crowd were still hungry for more, Bronson consulted Mas’s onstage laptop before deciding to drop “Hookers At The Point” from his latest “Blue Chips” project, ad-libbing the track’s hilarious pimp talk before stating it was time to “get the f**k out, go to the hotel and sleep.”

With the rowdy, unpredictable crowd, tightly-packed venue and high energy levels, the 45-minute set was reminiscent of some of the memorable shows of the 90s in places such as London’s Subterranea. Action Bronson delivered on all fronts, both in terms of his performance and his willingness to interact with fans, giving everyone a handful of real rap memories to take home with them.

I, for one, left the gig with scuffed Timberlands, a burnt arm from someone falling into me with a lit joint, and a beer-stained t-shirt, but I wasn’t even mad.

Bronson! Bronson! Bronson!

Ryan Proctor

BringBackRapTV footage of Action Bronson at Barfly Camden.

Time To Get Ill – Shaz Illyork

NYC’s Shaz Illyork on PosseTV.Com speaking on working with Action Bronson, The Opposition project and his affiliation with the Outdoorsmen crew.

New Joint – Timeless Truth / Action Bronson

Timeless Truth ft. Action Bronson – “Get The Doe” (@TimelessTruth / 2012)

R.thentic-produced track from the Queens, NY duo’s forthcoming album “Rock’it Science”.

New Joint – Cormega / Action Bronson / Roc Marciano / Saigon

Cormega ft. Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon – “M.A.R.S.” (Legal Hustle / 2012)

Large Professor-produced boom-bap from the Rotten Apple foursome.

New Joint – Action Bronson / Party Supplies

Action Bronson & Party Supplies – “Hookers At The Point” (ActionBronson.Com / 2012)

The NY favourite takes inspiration from the gritty 1993 HBO documentary of the same name for this track from his forthcoming Party Supplies collaboration album “Blue Chips”.

M.A.R.S. Single Trailer – Cormega

Cormega briefly introduces the new collective M.A.R.S. (Mega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon) as they shoot the video for their forthcoming self-titled Large Professor-produced single.


52 Best Albums & EPs Of 2011 (Part Four) – K-Def / Lewis Parker / The Four Owls etc.

K-Def – “Night Shift” (Redefinition Records) – With his name already linked to a string of 90s bangers from the likes of Lords Of The Underground, Real Live and World Renown, former Marley Marl protege K-Def could easily have spent his time reliving past glories and giving “those-were-the-days” interviews. Instead, the New Jersey-based producer saw fit to unleash this stunning set of mainly instrumental cuts which drew on his golden-era heritage whilst still sounding fresh and organic. Music for the Hip-Hop soul.

DTMD – “Makin’ Dollas” (Mello Music Group) – True students of the game, on this long-player youthful Maryland duo Dunc and Toine embraced the influence of acts that provided the soundtrack to their childhoods such as A Tribe Called Quest and Slum Village. The end result was an album steeped in the warmth of melodic, bass-heavy true-school production values with a new millenium lyrical perspective.

J-Live – “S.P.T.A.” (Triple Threat Productions) – A product of NYC’s 90s independent era, veteran emcee J-Live delivered a typically accomplished set filled with creative, intelligent rhymes bolstered by quality production from the likes of Diamond D, Nicolay and Marco Polo.

Roc Marciano & Gangrene – “Greneberg” (Decon Records) – With both Marciano and Gangrene fresh off of well-received album projects, this unexpected collaboration had Hip-Hop heads stomping their Timberlands with glee and the end result definitely didn’t disappoint. Roc’s defiant five-borough flow meshed brilliantly with Oh No’s stoned verses and Alchemist’s psychedelic boom-bap.

Lewis Parker – “Dangerous Adventures” (King Underground / World Of Dusty Vinyl) – The man with the golden sound and UK master of the SP-1200 Lewis Parker teamed-up with a number of Stateside lyrical experts such as John Robinson, Sav Kills and Eastkoast for this dusty-fingered selection of sample-heavy subterranean rap.

Class Of ’93 – “Class Of ’93” (Futurewave Sound) – Hailing from Toronto, Canada, producer Astro Mega and female emcee Kzaraw dropped this back-to-basics collection of gritty conceptual tracks which found the pair displaying a true passion for their art whilst drawing on the T-Dot environment for inspiration.

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah – “Well Done” (DCide Records) – Not content with dropping his well-received “Dr. Lecter” project earlier in the year, the NY emcee teamed-up with Statik Selektah for this album that was musically more refined than his previous effort but still packed with that irrepressible Bronson charm.

The Four Owls – “Nature’s Greatest Mystery” (High Focus Music) – Perched on their branches observing the rap world from upon high, this UK collective delivered a blistering set of beats and rhymes that ranged from exagerrated chest-thumping verses to sober introspection. With all involved having a good amount of experience of the British rap scene under their belts, this project proved that birds of a feather really do flock together.

Torae – “For The Record” (Internal Affairs Entertainment) – Any emcee putting together an album containing production from legends such as Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Large Professor could easily find themselves taking a back seat on their own project. Thankfully, Brooklyn’s Torae has a large enough lyrical arsenal to ensure he remained the primary focus throughout this forthright collection of bangers.

Casual – “He Think He #RapGod” (FBMG) – Having already dropped “The Hierophant” album earlier in the year, the West Coast emcee released this further collection of lyrically dense tracks. With production from the likes of Domino, J Rawls and Gully Duckets, plus appearances from Del, Planet Asia and Souls Of Mischief, this set further proved Casual’s boast that he “don’t do mixtapes but (has) got albums fo’ that ass tho.”

Ryan Proctor

Part Five coming soon.

52 Best Albums & EPs Of 2011 (Part Three) – Action Bronson / Truth By Design / Jehst etc.

Evidence – “Cats & Dogs” (Rhymesayers Entertainment) – With over a decade of credible music already under his belt as both a member of Dilated Peoples and as a solo act, West Coast wordsmith Evidence could easily have churned out a collection of standard underground bangers and still received praise from his cult fanbase. Yet the weather-obsessed emcee attacked his sophomore set like he was introducing himself to the rap world all over again, using the album as an opportunity to dig into some personal issues (not least the loss of his mother) plus go line-for-line with heavyweights such as Raekwon, Ras Kass and Roc Marciano.

Random Axe – “Random Axe” (Duck Down Records) – Obscure cover art aside, this collaboration between Brooklyn rhyme brawler Sean Price, Detroit favourite Guilty Simpson and Motown maestro Black Milk was a no-nonsense exercise in quality hardcore Hip-Hop. Price and Simpon’s chemistry as a duo was undeniable with Milk’s drum-heavy soundscapes providing the perfect sonic stomping ground for the two lyrical bullies.

Action Bronson – “Dr. Lecter” (Fine Fabric Delegates) – Having already set the blog world on fire with his boisterous food-related flows and passion for boom-bap beats, Queens, NY’s Action Bronson began the year by dropping this Tommy Mas-produced collection of raucous rap featuring various members of the Outdoorsmen clique reppin’ the Rotten Apple like ’95 never ended.

Beneficence – “Sidewalk Science” (Ill Adrenaline Records) – With quality production from Diamond D and appearances from Organized Konfusion’s Prince Po, Money Boss’s Lord Tariq and D.I.T.C. affiliates The Legion, this fourth album from long-standing New Jersey lyricist Beneficence appeared on the surface to be a mid-90s musical time capsule. Yet the East Coast emcee’s passion for wordplay and ear for choice beats gave this project an energy that prevented it from merely sounding like a walk down memory lane.

Truth By Design – “Timeless” (TBD Music) – On this extremely impressive EP, Toronto trio Mizery, DJ Lupan and DTKS stuck their flag into the rap landscape and challenged one and all to test their battle-hardened beats and rhymes. Showcasing each members undeniable skills, this release left listeners craving to hear more of the Canadian crew’s correct techniques.

Wu-Tang – “Legendary Weapons” (eOne Entertainment) – Following-up 2009’s impressive “Chamber Music” project, this Wu release once again found various Clan members teaming-up with Brooklyn-based band The Revelations to add another chamber to their legacy with a little help from some well-chosen guests. The likes of Ghostface, Inspectah Deck, Roc Marciano and Action Bronson shot lyrical darts over the dark, atmospheric instrumentation, their choice of subject matter ranging from unforgiving street tales to gritty braggadocio.

Phonte – “Charity Starts At Home” (The Foreign Exchange Music) – As self-assured and savvy as ever, Little Brother’s Phonte effortlessly blended his dual passions for rhyming and singing on this confidently executed project which found the North Carolina emcee reuniting with 9th Wonder on a number of tracks to ponder life, love and relationships.

Jehst – “The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family” (YNR Productions) – Following a brilliant online promo campaign, UK producer-on-the-mic Jehst’s latest album lived up to the hype in no uncertain terms, with the London-based artist approaching obvious subject matter such as racism and the war on terror in unobvious ways. Backed by a tight selection of beats from the likes of LG, Beat Butcha and Mr. Thing, Jehst’s sweeping poetic strokes proved once again why he has long been considered one of the greatest talents to emerge from the UK Hip-Hop scene.

Neek The Exotic & Large Professor – “Still On The Hustle” (Fat Beats) – No surprises, no frills, no gimmicks, this long-awaited full-length collabo between longtime friends Neek and Extra P delivered exactly what fans expected from it – straight-forward ego-trippin’ rhymes over dusty, boom-bap beats with both parties involved wearing their golden-era influences on their sleeves.

Tanya Morgan – “You & What Army” (TanyaMorgan.Net) – Having quietly yet confidently carved out their own niche in the world of underground Hip-Hop with a string of strong releases, this latest EP from TM found the trio cut to a duo with Ilyas leaving Donwill and Von Pea to continue the crew’s legacy. Rising to the challenge, this memorable effort assured fans that a change in line-up didn’t mean a change in quality, with Don and Von rocking entertaining, relatable rhymes over a selection of smooth, funk-fuelled beats.

Timbo King – “From Babylon To Timbuk2” (Nature Sounds) – Nearly twenty years after his debut on 1993’s “Who’s The Man?” soundtrack, Wu affiliate Timbo King finally released a solo album. With assistance from Clan allies The RZA, Killah Priest and Hell Razah, Timbo dropped lyrical science deep in social commentary, political awareness and a genuine love of Hip-Hop culture.

Ryan Proctor

Part Four coming soon.

New Joint – Action Bronson & Statik Selektah / Meyhem Lauren / Maffew Ragazino / AG Da Coroner

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah ft. Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino & AG Da Coroner – “Terror Death Camp” (Dcide Records / 2011)

Internet giant Dallas Penn gets busy with his action figures once again to drop an unofficial video for this grimy banger from the “Well Done” album.

New Joint – Action Bronson & Statik Selektah

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah – “Cirque Du Soleil” (DCide Records / 2011)

Taken from the album “Well Done”.

New Joint – Statik Selektah / Action Bronson / Termanology / Bun B

Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson, Termanology & Bun B – “Never A Dull Moment” (ShowOff Records / Duck Down Music / 2011)

Taken from the album “Population Control”.

Home Sweet Home – Action Bronson

TheFader.Com takes a cooking lesson from Action Bronson.