New Joint – Lawrence Arnell

Lawrence Arnell – “Proof Positive” (@ArnellLawrence / 2018)

Rob Viktum-produced cut from the Philly artist’s forthcoming album “Beast Or Brethren”.

New Joint – El Camino / Benny

El Camino ft. Benny – “No Smoke” (@Bozackula / 2018)

Canadian producer Bozack Morris blesses the two Griselda-affiliated emcees with a sinister, piano-laced soundscape.

New Joint – Kadeem & SPNDA

good cover

Kadeem & SPNDA – “As Good As It Gets” (@CityYardMusic / 2018)

The two Boston emcees drop jewels over smooth Grubby Pawz production.

New Joint – UllNevaNo

ullnevano pic

UllNevaNo – “Fight Klub Pool Table” (@UllNevaNoHipHop / 2018)

The Baltimore emcee draws on his battle rap experiences for inspiration on this MANHE-produced cut.

New Joint – 2Pac / Amerigo Gazaway

2pac cover

2Pac – “Old School – Amerigo Gazaway Remix” (@AmerigoGazaway / 2018)

West Coast producer Amerigo Gazaway puts his own stamp on a personal favourite of mine from 2Pac’s 1995 album “Me Against The World” (released 23 years ago today).

New Joint – Danny Diatribe

Danny Diatribe – “Tales From The Down And Outs” (@DannyDiatribe / 2018)

DJ Cutterz-produced title track from the Manchester-based artist’s forthcoming concept album inspired by the lives of various people he has encountered going through the everyday struggle.

New Joint – Dface DXA & Armed Dukes

Dface DXA & Armed Dukes – “Every Single Time” (@Soundweight / 2018)

Vinyl-only release from the UK’s Soundweight Records label available here.