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2, 3 Break – Crazy Legs / Popmaster Fabel / Rock Steady Crew

Brilliant footage of the Rock Steady Crew performing at last weekend’s Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark, NJ featuring the new generation of the legendary collective showcasing their moves alongside true-school icons Crazy Legs and Popmaster Fabel.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The Underdogs – Ricks

First episode of BokChoiTV’s series “The Underdogs” which hopes to shine some light on the Bay Area’s b-boy community beginning with Ricks of Eastside Union.

Bite This! – Aby / Alien Ness

Aby (The Bronx Boys) and Alien Ness (Mighty Zulu Kingz) discuss the place of ‘biting’ in b-boy culture on Strife.TV.

Props to DailyDiggers.Com.

B-Boys Beware – Mr. Wiggles

OnTheGround interview with Rock Steady Crew’s legendary Mr. Wiggles at React 2011 in Spain talking about his b-boy origins.

Breaker’s Revenge – Rock Steady Crew

Rock Steady Crew 34th anniversary showcase in Newark, New Jersey featuring Feenx, YNot, Bonita, the legendary Crazy Legs and more.

New Joint – Phi-Life Cypher

Phi-Life Cypher – “2, 3 Break” (PhiLifeCypher.Com / 2011)

Featuring b-boy crew The Hustle Kidz and taken from the Luton group’s forthcoming album “The Professionals”.

Used To Wish I Could Break With… – Rock Steady Crew

Short trailer for the “Bouncing Cats” documentary narrated by Common and Mos Def and featuring the legendary Rock Steady Crew.