Hovbury 2008 – Jay-Z

I was going to do a standard weekend wrap-up to cover anything of interest that’s popped up online while I’ve been away from the keyboard for the past couple of days, but really there’s only been one news story this weekend – Jay-Z performing at Glastonbury 2008 here in the UK.

So for those who might not have been paying attention (and for the sake of history), here’s a selection of clips to commemorate Hov’s ‘controversial’ headlining appearance at the longstanding rock festival.

Jay-Z On BBC1’s Friday Night With Jonathon Ross.

Tim Westwood Interviews Jigga Before His Glastonbury Performance.

Footage Of Jay-Z Performing His Cover Of The Oasis Anthem “Wonderwall” Plus “99 Problems” And “Encore”.

Tim Westwood Talks To Glastonbury Organiser Michael Eavis To Find Out How Hov Was Chosen To Fill The Festival’s Headline Slot.

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