The Abstract – Q-Tip

The legendary Native Tongues emcee talks to Toronto’s Flow 93.5FM about the early days of Tribe, his new project, and everything inbetween – dope interview.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

2 responses to “The Abstract – Q-Tip

  1. Ryan,

    Dope interview. Always gratifying to hear people talk intelligently about the genre.

    The thought of a whole Dilla/Q-Tip produced Mobb Deep project… damn. Missed out there.



  2. Loved the interview, I agree with everything that Q Tip said about the lack of creativity in Hip Hop today. However I do feel the standard of MC skills is a lot higher now in underground hip hop than it was for most groups back in the 90s, example Apathy.
    How many of the early 90s MCs barring Kane, G Rap, Masta Ace & Pos stand up against the likes of Apathy?
    And theres a lot more underground MCs that don’t get heard because there is so much garbage out there its hard to hear it amongst all the noise.

    Peace Raze

    PS I think you’ve got a great interview technique to

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