The Official Mixtape – Jon Wayne


Free mixtape from Jon Wayne of California’s Spacebound courtesy of Domination Recordings (shout out to DJ) – look for the forthcoming album “The Adventures Of Jazzy The Kat and Dirt McGruff”.

Peep the tracklisting below and download the music here.

1. Cake (ft. ???) — Prod. by ???
2. The Future (ft. AVI) — Prod. by Josh G
3. Overstand (ft. Trevor) — Prod. by Josh G
4. 1984 — Prod. by Flying Lotus
5. Lo-Key — Prod. by Bill
6. Don’t Move — Prod. by Yona
7. How Now Brown Cow — Prod. by 00Genesis
8. Pacifist — Prod. by Patch Lunch
9. What’s Wrong? — Prod. by The A3
10. Monstrosity — Prod. by Breakface
11. P.B. & Jon — Prod. by 00Genesis
12. Random Verse Snippet — Prod. by AVI
13. Tater Tots (ft. AVI) — Prod. by AVI
14. Just Another Rap Song — Prod. by JustAnotherDJ
15. Pee Wee Just Farted! — Prod. by 00Genesis
16. Definition of FRESH
a. Smooth Fresh — Prod. by Josh G
b. 80’s Fresh — Prod. by Riff Raff
c. No Fresh — Prod. by Breakface
17. Private Eyes (ft. Black Saint) — Prod. by Mozaik

3 responses to “The Official Mixtape – Jon Wayne

  1. yeah that’s my brother

  2. Go Jon

  3. yahh man love this mixtape

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