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NY Giant – Joell Ortiz

Brooklyn lyricist Joell Ortiz speaks to XXL about the possibility of being dropped by Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label before he’s even released any product – seems he might not be ‘gangsta’ enough for Jimmy Iovine (i.e. he’s a real emcee with real lyrics who might be a little too hard to market to the masses).

In my humble opinion, if Aftermath / Interscope drop the ball on this one, they’re missing out on one of the nicest rappers to have debuted in the last five years.

Rehab Rap – Ghostface Killah

Hot 97’s Miss Info politics with the Wally Champ about his new album “The Big Doe Rehab”. As always, Pretty Toney drops plenty of entertaining jewels and memorable quotes….

Part One

Part Two

Leaders Of The New School – Kidz In The Hall

Newly signed to Duck Down Records, Kidz In The Hall duo Naledge and Double-O get busy in the studio recording “Work To Do” for Barack Obama’s US presidential campaign.

Snippet of the new Kidz In The Hall single “Driving Down The Block” from their forthcoming 2008 album “The In Crowd”. Production-wise it’s a change in direction compared to the jazzy boom-bap beats of the pair’s “School Was My Hustle” debut – see what you think.

Westsiiiide!!! – Snoop Dogg / DJ Skee

When I first saw this clip I thought it was outtakes from an old World Class Wreckin Cru album shoot with all that lace and 80s wear onscreen, but then I realised it’s actually West Coast mix king DJ Skee on location with Snoop for the filming of the Doggfather’s new “Sensual Seduction” video.

The best part of this footage, however, is when Snoop talks about how he came to record the single. When explaining his decision to use the old-school vocoder talk box effect on the track, Snoop feigns surprise when he recalls hearing the finished product for the first time. “It sounded a little bit like T-Pain!” he says, as if that prospect hadn’t even entered his head when he first thought about getting his second-rate Roger Troutman on. 

I’m guessing that, as T-Pain has helped a number of artists score big hits recently, the soundalike angle was actually the whole point to Snoop’s off-key crooning. Plus, it’s cheaper to do it yourself.

It’s All Good – Kanye West

You might have heard that legendary producer Kanye West recently met legendary stuntman Evel Knievel at the back-in-the-day icon’s Florida home to put their ongoing legal troubles to rest. Knievel took out a lawsuit against Kanyeezy after seeing West’s “Touch The Sky” video, in which the Roc boy wonder appeared as ‘Evel Kanyevel’ and reenacted Knievel’s failed 1974 jump across Snake River Canyon in Wyoming.

There’s been speculation about how much money was actually involved in this out of court settlement, but after seeing the photo below I think the arrangement went something like this:

Kanye: “So what exactly is it going to take to get some closure on this lawsuit, Evel?”

Evel: “Well, I always look kinda stiff when I have my photo taken, Kanye. So if you can show me how to pose like you rapper guys do, then we’ll call it quits. Maybe you could throw in Pamela Anderson’s phone number to seal the deal, as she looked mighty fine in that video of yours.”


Bring The Noise – Hank Shocklee

Toronto’s OTA Live / Flow 93.5FM talk to Public Enemy’s Hank Shocklee about his role in the “American Gangster” soundtrack, working with Rakim, and his thoughts on the rap game today.

How About Some Hardcore? – Complex & CLG

Complex & CLG launching their recent EP “Time In Moments” at London’s Speakers Corner.