Westsiiiide!!! – Snoop Dogg / DJ Skee

When I first saw this clip I thought it was outtakes from an old World Class Wreckin Cru album shoot with all that lace and 80s wear onscreen, but then I realised it’s actually West Coast mix king DJ Skee on location with Snoop for the filming of the Doggfather’s new “Sensual Seduction” video.

The best part of this footage, however, is when Snoop talks about how he came to record the single. When explaining his decision to use the old-school vocoder talk box effect on the track, Snoop feigns surprise when he recalls hearing the finished product for the first time. “It sounded a little bit like T-Pain!” he says, as if that prospect hadn’t even entered his head when he first thought about getting his second-rate Roger Troutman on. 

I’m guessing that, as T-Pain has helped a number of artists score big hits recently, the soundalike angle was actually the whole point to Snoop’s off-key crooning. Plus, it’s cheaper to do it yourself.

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