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Bad Boy Original Samples Mix Stream – Frank The Butcher & DJ 7L

bad boy cover

Although Puffy and Bad Boy Records might have divided opinions within the Hip-Hop community during the 90s and into the early-2000s as the gap between underground and mainstream grew ever-wider, it can’t be said that the team of producers who laced tracks for the likes of Biggie, Black Rob and The Lox didn’t know a dope sample when they heard one.

Here, Frank The Butcher and DJ 7L dust off the original breaks from the likes of Mtume, Herbie Hancock, Mary Jane Girls and more that, love it or hate it, supplied the sonic foundations for many a Bad Boy single, album track and remix.

New Joint – The Lox

The Lox – “New York City” (@Real_Lox / 2014)

Styles P, Sheek Louch and Jadakiss take some musical inspiration from the classic 90s Pudgee / Biggie collabo “Think Big” and pay tribute to the Rotten Apple on this DJ Uneek-produced track.

New Joint – Styles P

Styles P – “Holiday Any Emcee” (@TheRealStylesP / 2012)

The Lox member takes it to the Rotten Apple streets on this track from his “Diamond Life Project” mixtape.

New Joint – Tony Moxberg / Sheek Louch

Tony Moxberg ft. Sheek Louch – “Don’t Make Me” (Black Cloud / 2011)

Mox and Sheek display some NY pride on this new street banger.


New Joint – Jadakiss / Styles P / Chynk Show

Jadakiss ft. Styles P & Chynk Show – “Lay Em Down” (Jadakiss.Com / 2011)

When it comes to that East Coast gangsta ish The Lox have still got some lyrical bullets left in the clip.

Taken from Jada’s recent mixtape “I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans)”.

New Joint – Styles P

Styles P – “Where The Angels Sleep” (D-Block / 2011)

The Lox member goes cinematic on this new clip.

New Joint – Jadakiss / Emanny

Jadakiss ft. Emanny – “Hold You Down” (Jadakiss.Com / 2011)

The Lox member mixes Hip-Hop with R&B the right way like it’s the 90s all over again on this smoothed-out track from his mixtape “I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans)”.

New Joint – Reks / Styles P

Reks ft. Styles P – “Why Cry” (Brick / Showoff / 2011)

The Boston-based emcee gets his social commentary on with some Lox assistance over some dope Alchemist production.

Taken from Reks’ recent album “Rhythmic Eternal King Supreme”.

New Joint – Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch – “Jungle Music” (Def Jam / 2010)

The Lox member gives a nod to the Jungle Brothers on this track from his “Guerilla Warfare Vol. 1″ mixtape.

New Joint – Jadakiss / D-Block

Jadakiss ft. D-Block – “Coach Of The Year” (D-Block Music / 2010)

Taken from the Lox member’s “The Champ Is Here 3″.

Ghost In The Machine – DJ Green Lantern

Green Lantern talks to DJ Vlad about his collaboration project with Styles P entitled “Green Ghost”.

We Gonna Make It – Jadakiss / Angie Martinez

J-to-the-mwah talks to Angie Ma about signing to Roc-A-Fella and his album being delayed until next year.

New Joint – The Alchemist / Snoop Dogg / Pusha T / Jadakiss

The Alchemist ft. Snoop Dogg, Pusha T & Jadakiss – “Lose Your Life” ( ALC / 2008 )

Alchemist gets his Scooby-Doo on in this animated clip.

Knock Yourself Out – Jadakiss / DJ Kay Slay

Self-proclaimed Auto-Tune Regulator Jadakiss reveals the artists and producers who’ve contributed to his forthcoming “Kiss My Ass” album and explains why he’s not likely to be using studio-enhanced vocal effects any time soon.

Hip-Hop Single Reviews (Originally Printed In IDJ / Mr Scruff Cover / October 2008)

Hip-Hop Single Reviews By Ryan Proctor

M9 – “Strange Fruit” ( Dark Matter / Kilamanjaro )

Fresh from the recent underground success of Triple Darkness’s ‘Anathema’ album, London word warrior M9 is striking out on his own with this potent example of powerful street reportage from his forthcoming solo offering ‘144,000’. The darkly hypnotic production from Jon Phonics is the perfect match for M9’s raw portrayal of inner-city life, as the gifted lyricist attempts to elevate the council estate of mind of those around him with dense metaphors and a passionate plea to stop the violence. 4 / 5

Skreintax ft. Graziella – “Breathe” ( Dented )

This is one of those tunes that puts a smile on your face and reaffirms your faith in the ability of artists to create truly heartfelt music in today’s stifled creative climate. The first single from Skrein and Dr. Syntax’s forthcoming collaborative long-player, ‘Breathe’ is a mellow head-nodder that delivers on all fronts. Over impeccable production, the pair touch on everything from environmental issues and teenage pregnancies to predictable radio playlists. If you’re not feeling this then you really need to question your sanity. 5 / 5

Million Dan – “Inner City Got Plenty Cases” ( Million Dappa / Hip-Hop Village )

Lifted from his critically-acclaimed album ‘Spektrum’, this latest single from the Dan man finds the former Demon Boyz member abandoning the club vibes of previous releases in favour of a more melodic sound. Utilizing a vintage soul sample, Million warns of the perils of ghetto living in a sincere tone without being overly preachy. Could be big on radio with the right push.  4 / 5

The P Brothers ft. Milano – “Digital B-Boy” ( Heavy Bronx )

As seasoned purveyors of uncut boom-bap bliss, Nottingham’s P Brothers can always be counted on to supply true-school die-hards with their hip-hop vitamins. This sparse collaboration with NYC’s Milano is yet another example of Paul S and DJ Ivory’s ability to create music that’s firmly rooted in rap’s early traditions without sounding dated or cliché. Knocking beats, crashing cymbals, twisted synths and colourfully inventive rhymes make this a certified new-school banger with an old-school twist. Essential.  5 / 5

The Alchemist ft. Evidence – “Calmly Smoke” ( ALC )

Taken from Al’s recent ‘Cutting Room Floor 2’ compilation, this moody tribute to blazing up bags of that sticky icky injects new life into its tried-and-tested subject matter thanks to both the Mobb Deep affiliate’s subtle production touches and some stoned-yet-skilful rhymes from Evidence of Dilated Peoples. Just remember, take two and pass. 3 / 5

The Lox ft. Bully – “Cocaine Music” ( White Label )

When it comes to hard-edged East Coast gangsta rap, few have been as consistent as NY’s Lox crew. Having always maintained a level of lyricism head-and-shoulders above many of their block-huggin’ peers, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and Styles P might not necessarily be saying anything new, but they do say it with style and flair. ‘Cocaine Music’ continues that trend as the trio drop their usual street-related rhymes with a heavy dose of likeable arrogance over a tense, piano-led track. 3 / 5

Cubbiebear – “The Hulk” ( The Rape )

Sure to appeal to fans of underground acts such as Aesop Rock and El-P, this leftfield cut from rising Baltimore-based MC Cubbiebear is a scathing, sarcasm-packed critique of today’s hip-hop scene, with fake gangstas, unskilled rappers and record labels all taking some serious lyrical blows. The track’s disjointed, chaotic production doesn’t make for easy listening, but this is a definite grower. 3 / 5

Danny Spice – “Down & Out” ( Cog )

A nice jazzy bubbler produced by “the man with the golden sound” Lewis Parker, ‘Down & Out’ finds UK wordsmith Danny Spice encouraging listeners to “take the positive from every situation” as he offers words of wisdom to those caught up in the downward spiral of day-to-day life. Aided by an undeniably catchy hook, Spice’s latest offering shines thanks to its genuine feel-good factor. 3 / 5

New Joint – Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch – “Good Love” ( Koch / 2008 )

The hardcore Hip-Hop voice inside my head is telling me I really shouldn’t like this track, but then the other voice that used to tell me it was okay to listen to Father MC back in the day is saying there’s nothing wrong with some corny tongue-in-cheek girl-related rap every now and then.

Taken from the D-Block general’s forthcoming album “Silverback Gorilla” due out March 18th.

Grown Man Business – Sheek Louch

XXLMag.Com talks to Lox lyricist Louch about his upcoming Koch album and competing with ringtone rappers.

Listen Up! – Styles P

The Ghost fails to apply the first rule in the “How To Be Interviewed” chapter of his Hip-Hop Artist Handbook (always pay attention!) and mishears a RealTalkNY question about former D-Block artist J-Hood – it made me laugh, anyway.

Beauty & The Beast – Angie Martinez / Styles P

At the risk of this blog becoming known as the online outlet for the Styles P Appreciation Society, here’s the second interview with The Ghost this week, this time from Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show.

I think Styles has been taking interview tips from Ghostface in the amusing and memorable quote department - there are a few gems here.

I Get Visual – Rik Cordero

Current Hip-Hop video director of choice Rik Cordero adds two more clips to his ever-growing portfolio courtesy of The Wally Champ and The Broad Street Bully.

Ghostface Killah ft. Beanie Sigel – “The Barrel Brothers” (Def Jam / 2007)

Beanie Sigel ft. Styles P – “You Ain’t Ready” (Roc-A-Fella / 2007)