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New Joint – Snowgoons / M-Dot / Jaysaun / Journalist 103

Snowgoons ft. M-Dot, Jaysaun & Journalist 103 – “Still Real & Raw” (@Snowgoons / 2014)

The German production outfit join forces with three always-reliable lyricists from the Stateside underground for this rugged track from their “Black Snow 2″ project.

New Joint – Midiflash / M-Dot / Nutso / DJ LP2

Midiflash ft. M-Dot, Nutso & DJ LP2 – “You Ain’t Ready” (BerlinBoomBox.Com / 2013)

Germany meets Boston and New York on this funky, uptempo cut from the mixtape “Fresh Out The Boombox”.

New Joint – Benefit / Big Shug / M-Dot

Benefit ft. Big Shug & M-Dot – “Heavy” (EMS Productions / 2013)

Gritty boom-bap Boston flavour from the forthcoming album “Timing Is Everything”.

New Joint – DJ Grazzhoppa / M-Dot

grazzhoppa cover

DJ Grazzhoppa ft. M-Dot – “Introduction” (Grazzhoppa.Com / 2012)

The legendary Belgian turntablist teams-up with Boston’s M-Dot for this special version of the opening track from his forthcoming album “Intricate Moves 2″.

New Joint – M-Dot / DJ Jean Maron / Masta Ace / Snowgoons

M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Masta Ace – “You Don’t Know About It – Snowgoons Remix” (Snowgoons.BandCamp.Com / 2012)

Taken from the German production crew’s new mixtape project “This Is Goon MuSick”.

New Joint – DJ Brans / M-Dot / Armageddon / DJ Grazzhoppa

DJ Brans ft. M-Dot & Armageddon – “Worldwide – DJ Grazzhoppa Remix” (IBMCS.Org / 2012)

Dope remix of this tight back-and-forth between Boston’s M-Dot and former Terror Squad member Armageddon.

New Joint – Reap ‘N Chillow / M-Dot / DJ Grazzhoppa

Reap ‘N Chillow ft. M-Dot & DJ Grazzhoppa – “Reap What You Sow” (ChillowProductions.BandCamp.Com / 2012)

Taken from the NY emcee and Belgium producer’s collabo album “NY2BE”.


New Joint – Whatson / M-Dot

Whatson ft. M-Dot – “Detour” (Study Music / 2012)

Title track from the German producer’s forthcoming album which also includes appearances from Chief Kamachi, Born Unique, Outerspace and more.

New Joint – Snowgoons / Esoteric / Ill Bill / Maylay Sparks / M-Dot etc.

Snowgoons ft. Esoteric, Ill Bill, Godilla, Fredro Starr, Sicknature, Punchline, Reks, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Planetary, Virtuoso, Maylay Sparks, Swann, Sav Killz, M-Dot & Reef The Lost Cauze – “The Legacy” (Goon MuSick / 2012)

Epic posse cut from the German production crew’s new album “Snowgoons Dynasty”.

Layer Cake Mixtape Download – M-Dot / DJ LP2

The upcoming Boston emcee delivers a varied selection of beats and rhymes on this new mixtape project which features appearances from Nutso, Camp Lo and Chaundon plus production from Confidence, DJ Brans and Soulslicers – download here.

New Joint – M-Dot / Mayhem

M-Dot ft. Mayhem – “Taggant” (EMS Productions / 2012)

Confidence and M-Credible-produced track from the Boston emcee’s forthcoming project “Layer Cake”.

New Joint – Big Shug / Singapore Kane / M-Dot etc.

Big Shug ft. Av’rex, Singapore Kane, KrumbSnatcha, M-Dot & DJ Grazzhoppa – “Think Twice” (EMS Productions / 2012)

Some new visuals for the previously-released Boston posse cut.

New Joint – Tribeca / Camp Lo / M-Dot

Tribeca ft. Camp Lo & M-Dot – “True Lies” (@TribecaWorld / 2012)

The Bronx emcee joins forces with legendary duo Camp Lo and Boston’s M-Dot for this track from his forthcoming mixtape project “The Pookie Syndrome”.

New Joint – Big Shug / Avirex / Singapore Kane / Krumb Snatcha / M-Dot

Big Shug ft. Avirex, Singapore Kane, Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot – “Think Twice – Effiscienz Remix” (Effiscienz / 2011)

Remix by France’s DJ Brans of the recently released Boston posse cut featuring scratches from DJ Djaz.

New Joint – Big Shug / Krumb Snatcha / M-Dot / Singapore Kane / Avirex

Big Shug ft. Krumb Snatcha, M-Dot, Singapore Kane & Avirex – “Think Twice” (EMS Productions / 2011)

Nice Boston posse cut produced by Reef Ali and taken from the forthcoming M-Dot / Krumb Snatcha collabo EP.

New Joint – SoulSlicers / M-Dot

SoulSlicers ft. M-Dot – “The Difference” (EMS Productions / 2011)

Lifted from the Switzerland-based production squad’s forthcoming album “Boost Da Soul” and featuring Boston’s M-Dot.

New Joint – DJ Brans / M-Dot

DJ Brans ft. M-Dot – “Pull Me Down” (MeMe Pas Mal Productions / 2011)

The Boston emcee teams-ups with France’s DJ Brans on this cut from the European producer’s forthcoming as-yet-untitled album which also features appearances from Shabazz The Disciple, Rasco and Nutso.

New Joint – M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron / Big Shug / DJ Duke

M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Big Shug – “Tap Out – DJ Duke Remix” (Street Trash Records / 2011)

Remix of the Boston emcee’s recent single from the “Run MPC” album by France’s DJ Duke.

New Joint – M-Dot / DJ Jean Maron / Big Shug

M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Big Shug – “Tap Out” (SoulSpazm Records / 2011)

The third video from last year’s “Run MPC” album from Boston-based artist M-Dot and French producer Jean Maron.

Join The Dots – M-Dot / Big Shug

Behind-the-scenes footage of the video shoot for “Tap Out” from the M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron album “Run MPC” and featuring Big Shug.