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New Joint – Valiant / Phoenix Da Icefire / Ray Vendetta

Valiant ft. Phoenix Da Icefire & Ray Vendetta – “The Beatles” (@ValiantBeats / 2014)

Triple Darkness members Phoenix and Ray deliver sharp lyrical tongue-fu on this track from London-based producer Valiant’s forthcoming EP release.

New Joint – K-Llejero & Eyesis Star

K-Llejero & Eyesis Star – “Keeping It Hip-Hop” (@Kllejeros / @EyesisStarUK / 2014)

Produced by Silva Slimz.

New Joint – Big Cakes / JayJayBorn2Sing

Big Cakes ft. JayJayBorn2Sing – “Too Much (Thinking)” (@BigCakes / 2014)

Poignant rhymes from the UK lyricist on this Artik Beats-produced track off his forthcoming project “Omnium Gatherum”.

New Joint – Cyrus Malachi

Cyrus Malachi – “Pariah” (@CyrusMalachi / 2014)

The Triple Darkness emcee drops some heavyweight lyricism on this Remulak-produced track.

New Joint – Triple Darkness

Triple Darkness – “Reanimation” (@TripleDarkness_ / 2014)

Hardcore and heavyweight Hip-Hop from one of the most talented collectives in the game.

New Joint – Amy True

Amy True – “Supersonic” (@Amy_True / 2014)

Jazzy vibes and lyrical substance from the Caxton Press member with production from the UK’s mighty Chemo.

New Joint – Illa Ill / Mr. Sozah

Illa Ill ft. Mr. Sozah – “West Side” (@IllyTheSpitter / @MrSozah / 2014)

Some lyrical food for thought from the two London emcees.