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New Joint – Benefit / Big Shug / M-Dot

Benefit ft. Big Shug & M-Dot – “Heavy” (EMS Productions / 2013)

Gritty boom-bap Boston flavour from the forthcoming album “Timing Is Everything”.

New Joint – Big Shug

Big Shug – “War In The Club” (Brick Records / 2012)

Lee Bannon-produced track from the Gang Starr affiliate’s recent album “I.M.4-Eva”.

New Joint – Big Shug / Singapore Kane / M-Dot etc.

Big Shug ft. Av’rex, Singapore Kane, KrumbSnatcha, M-Dot & DJ Grazzhoppa – “Think Twice” (EMS Productions / 2012)

Some new visuals for the previously-released Boston posse cut.

New Joint – Big Shug

Big Shug – “Big Fly Homie” (Brick Records / 2012)

The Gang Starr affiliate drops this A Kid Called Quest-produced leak from his forthcoming album “I.M. 4-Eva”

New Joint – Big Shug / Avirex / Singapore Kane / Krumb Snatcha / M-Dot

Big Shug ft. Avirex, Singapore Kane, Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot – “Think Twice – Effiscienz Remix” (Effiscienz / 2011)

Remix by France’s DJ Brans of the recently released Boston posse cut featuring scratches from DJ Djaz.

New Joint – Big Shug / DJ Premier

Big Shug & DJ Premier – “We Miss You” (ClockWork Music / 2011)

July 17th would have been Keith “Guru” Elam’s 50th birthday – Shug and Premier take it back to the early Gang Starr days on this heartfelt tribute to the rap legend – RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal.

New Joint – Big Shug / Krumb Snatcha / M-Dot / Singapore Kane / Avirex

Big Shug ft. Krumb Snatcha, M-Dot, Singapore Kane & Avirex – “Think Twice” (EMS Productions / 2011)

Nice Boston posse cut produced by Reef Ali and taken from the forthcoming M-Dot / Krumb Snatcha collabo EP.

New Joint – M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron / Big Shug / DJ Duke

M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Big Shug – “Tap Out – DJ Duke Remix” (Street Trash Records / 2011)

Remix of the Boston emcee’s recent single from the “Run MPC” album by France’s DJ Duke.

Album Review – East Coast Avengers

East Coast Avengers Present: DC The Midi Alien

“Avengers Airwaves”

(Brick Records)

Back in the late-80s / early-90s politically-charged rap was the norm, with acts such as Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Paris and BDP all doing their part to spark the braincells of listeners with hard-hitting social commentary and scathing lyrical attacks on the US government’s policies of the time. With rap becoming big business throughout the 90s and into the new millenium, the more rebellious and revolutionary aspects of the music were sidelined by both artists and labels chasing champagne dreams and mainstream success, leaving a void that the likes of dead prez and Talib Kweli attempted to fill with mixed results.

Formed in 2008 and gaining immediate notoriety with their “Kill Bill O’Reilly” single, the East Coast Avengers (emcees Esoteric and trademarc, producer DC The Midi Alien) attempted a rallying cry with their debut album “Political Planet”, which was met with both critical acclaim and underground props for the trio’s attempts to inject their music with lyrical substance and kickstart intellectual debate amongst Hip-Hop heads.

Now, three years later, the Avengers return with this latest release, which features a long list of subterranean rhyme animals covering a variety of socially relevant topics over DC’s unapologetically raw production. Kicking off with the dramatic strings and tight cuts of “National Threat”, Esoteric and trademarc power through verses containing references to the Obama administation, New World Order conspiracies and the part they feel is played by global media in dumbing down the masses, their sharp darts littered with crafty wordplay and references to the political awareness of rap’s golden-age (“I’m more S1W, You’re more SWV”).

The thumping “Man Made Ways” finds La Coka Nostra affiliate Slaine, Non-Phixion’s Sabac Red and Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz attacking a society that encourages apathy instead of critical thinking, with each emcee painting vivid verbal depictions of a post-apocalyptic world in which economics and social structure no longer have any meaning. Bringing the listener back to the present, “Another Hundred Days In” is a tense, atmospheric track which features trademarc questioning Barack Obama’s effectiveness in bringing about the political change that was promised in pre-election speeches, juxtaposing the promises made before the votes were counted against the actions the President has taken since entering the White House.

“Disposable Heroes” criticizes the lack of support on offer to help ease soldiers returning from the Middle East back into civilian life, with featured lyricists Nabo Rawk and Apes**t rhyming from the perspective of army vets struggling to come to terms with the atrocities they’ve witnessed over moody sample-heavy production (“A soldier on the frontline, I served my four years, Came back with one arm, more fears and nightmares”). Meanwhile, the impressive posse cut “Ride For A Cause” finds Reef The Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon, Blacastan and Reks getting to grips with alleged secret societies, Illuminati rhetoric and inner-city living conditions over a hypnotic blend of ominous keys, sweeping strings and slick scratches.

Of the seventeen full-length tracks on offer here, the only real mis-steps are “Riot Gear” and “Artists In A Time Of War”, both of which suffer from bland, sub-par production that takes the sting out of the thought-provoking lyrics delivered from Termanology, Singapore Kane and Big Shug.

You may agree with the political stance of the artists featured on “Avengers Airwaves” or you might have a very different opinion on a lot of the topics raised throughout the project, but regardless, the real aim of this album is to offer food for thought and stimulate debate, and it succeeds on both counts.

The East Coast Avengers and their army of Hip-Hop affiliates definitely don’t have all the answers to the ills of the world, but they’re not afraid of asking the questions which might help us all make a little more sense out of the confusing, corrupt, recession-hit world we live in today.

Ryan Proctor

New Joint – M-Dot / DJ Jean Maron / Big Shug

M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Big Shug – “Tap Out” (SoulSpazm Records / 2011)

The third video from last year’s “Run MPC” album from Boston-based artist M-Dot and French producer Jean Maron.

New Joint – Big Shug

Big Shug – “New Era” (Clockwork Music / 2011)

Taken from the Gang Starr affiliate’s forthcoming album “I.M. 4Eva (Invincible Music 4Eva)”.

Produced by Kid Called Quest.

Join The Dots – M-Dot / Big Shug

Behind-the-scenes footage of the video shoot for “Tap Out” from the M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron album “Run MPC” and featuring Big Shug.

New Joint – Big Shug

Big Shug – “Protection” ( Traffic / 2008 )

Taken from the recently released album “Otherside Of The Game”.

Game Talk – Big Shug

Short clip promoting Big Shug’s forthcoming album “Otherside Of The Game” featuring interviews with DJ Premier, Termanology, Akrobatik etc.

New Joint – Big Shug / Singapore Kane / Termanology

Big Shug ft. Singapore Kane & Termanology – “My Boston” ( Traffic / 2008 )

DJ Premier-produced cut from the forthcoming album “Otherside Of The Game” which features appearances from Freddie Foxxx, Blaq Poet and Billy Danze of M.O.P.

Brainstorm – Guru

Classic clips of Gang Starr’s Guru from 1994 and then 1997 on Connecticut cable show Lorna’s Corner.

Part One

Part Two